Super Sunday 12-2-18

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by MrsSoup, Dec 2, 2018.

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    Aloha Friends!
  2. MrsSoup

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    I can't believe that i'm the one to start the thread today, that's a rare treat. :p Everyone must be very busy or getting a good lie in. I slept good but still woke up early, definitely wanted/needed to sleep more but just couldn't. Ugh! We are heading to Sea Life Park this morning. I can't find the paper I printed out when I bought our tickets online. I have an email that I can print out so I hope that will work, it will have to. I'm so frustrated that I can't find that paper. It was sitting on the built-in desk and has disappeared. I have looked everywhere. Probably got recycled or thrown away by accident. After Sea Life Park we'll come home and hopefully DH will work on DS's vehicle. I would really like to get the lights up in the front today as well.

    DD's concert was nice last night. They played very well. I took a couple videos just for the music because we couldn't really see the band. I will try to put them on FB, but they may be too big. We talked to her friend (my friend's daughter) quite a bit and at one point I let her know that I was another source for her to talk to. She's had a rough time at school since they moved here and while I would never undermine what her mother tells her, I might have a little different view on her issues and be able to help her in a different way. I'm another ear anyway and she might open up to me a little differently since i'm not her biological parent. I'm her "other mother". haha

    I need to set some meat out for dinner tonight and check my master baking list and see what I have and don't have so I can run to the store tomorrow for what i'm missing.

    Enjoy your day!
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  3. Ahorsesoul

    Ahorsesoul Santa's Elves

    DD is down for her morning nap and Dh just said he was going to take a short nap. It's beautiful outside with the new snow. The plows came early and the guy who does our driveway has been here. Fortunately he was here after the plows left all the snow at the foot of the driveway. LC1 had cars in her driveway so plow guy said he'd come to finish her side when they left. He's so nice to do that.

    Nothing exciting today. I have bills to organize and pay online. My desk is looking very nice as I work on getting it cleared off.

    Last night I spent about two hours looking at old files on my computer in the bedroom. It's been running slow so I want to get everything backed up incase it crashes. A lot of files have been on here since 2013 and 14 that I haven't looked at since them. Didn't see much that I need to keep. I did print off some photos but then deleted them. Next I'll clean out iCloud so I have more room there. Kind of fun looking at some of the things I saved from years ago. Don't know why I saved them and some I didn't even remember saving. lol

    Dinner is Lamb chops with asparagus and Pioneer Woman's smashed baked potatoes. DD was happy because she can have mint jelly. She's not found of lamb.

    Do something nice for someone else today.
  4. Lana

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    Was up early and did a few things and then Allen and I headed to Centralia. I found this light up snowman pillow at Dollar General and have been hunting more. Last night, Allen, Mom, Teigan and I went to DuQouin to drive thru the lights and go to the hall where Santa, ventors, kids games, singing and a train to ride is and I got one pillow at Tamaro going down and 1 at DuQuoin. Then I got 2 at one store today and 1 at another. Would really like another one but..... I also finished up the great nieces and Teigan pretty well besides some candy for stocking. Brought Taco Bell home.

    Tonight Ashley is having a tree lighting. First one. I think they are to have sandwiches, hot chocolate, carols and then you put ornaments on.

    I brought some napkins for Christmas Eve and some containers for lotion and seasoning salt. Need to get the stuff to make all now.

    Need to figure out the games and prizes for Christmas Eve.

    The guys came over and got deer sausage and settled up. Allen leaving to go see Aunt Imogene now.

    Suppose I better move along.
  5. sweetpumkinpye

    sweetpumkinpye Well-Known Member

    Good morning to you my dear friends.
    Work for me today. I have 7 days to go before the end of the year. I am excited to wrap it all up and to have a break.
    Will be interesting to see what the CW who is leaving manages to do in the next week or so, probably not too much.

    I will take my planner to work and if it is quiet I will double check what I am up to and what still needs doing. I think I am in a pretty good position but will see. A lot of things still need doing but it is too early. I want to write a list of things I want to look at when shopping so that could be done today.

    I hope that you all have a wonderful day and manage to do something that makes you feel happy.
    Much love,
  6. missjane

    missjane Well-Known Member

    HI, everyone.

    DH had men's prayer breakfast at church this morning, so he was up at 5:30. I got up shortly after he left at 6:30. I wrapped a few gifts and made lunch. DS and family came for lunch. Mom came by to talk for about an hour. I'm wanting a nap, now.

    I want to finish ordering whatever gifts I still have on the list. I need to finalize any stocking stuffers that need to be ordered, too. I'll get my cards addressed tonight and tomorrow and get them in the mail. That was on the list for last week, but with the stomach virus, that didn't happen. First, I didn't feel like it and second, I didn't want to handle them until I knew for sure I was clear of the stomach virus...not sure the germs would carry on the cards...but, would rather be safe than sorry.

    My sister is having complete knee replacement surgery tomorrow. I took four freezer meals to her house before Mama came over. She said she wasn't feeling well today, but she's been off her pain medicines for over a week
    for her surgery. She'll stay two nights in the hospital. Her oldest and third daughters are going to take turns staying with her until she can take care of herself.

    Diedra, nice to have someone who's willing to come back to plow.
    Jess, a second viewpoint is good to have at that age. Sometimes, we as parents can't set aside our bias toward our kids to give them the best advice.
    Lana, the pillows sound fun.
    Katrina, I hope the 7 work days go quickly and CW works diligently until she's to go.

    Hope you all have a great evening.
  7. luludou

    luludou Well-Known Member

    Evening! slow board today. Snowed all day, have a few inches on the ground, was to be freezing rain but I prefer snow to that!
    Lana - I bought one of those pillows from China... the elves will deliver it .. probably tomorrow ;)

    Cooked up veal sausages and froze most of it. Washed main bathroom, vaccumed main floor and part of the basement. Knit a little.
    Dh went to visit ds' house with ds & girlfriend. They should be getting it Dec. 14th... good thing my Christmas stuff is almost all done.
  8. MrsSoup

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    DH and DD rode the bike over to Sea Life Park this morning and the boys and I went later in the car since it would take them a while since they were going around the island and we were cutting through on the highway. We had a good time and the kids favorite spot was the bird sanctuary. I got pooped on, of course. We watched the dolphin show after lunch and then DH took off. The kids wanted to do the birds again so we stayed and then left after that. We ran into our friends and her parents there.

    Now we're watching The Grinch and I may take a short nap. I'm worn out. Need to think about dinner because I didn't set anything out to thaw.
  9. halimer

    halimer Well-Known Member

    Hello all! Rainy day here....

    Yesterday's Hanukkah party went well. Cousins and son and one of my BFF's came over with DS and DDIL. Later two of DS's BFFs came over so it was a sort of two part party. Today DH and I over to DS and DDIL's and helped them put up their Christmas tree. Came out nicely and everyone was pleased. We
    had the party leftovers for brunch.

    Just took a chocolate cake out of the oven to bring to the periodontist who I'm going To see tomorrow. Watching Outlander.

    Seems like everyone is doing well with their holiday prep.
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  10. sweetpumkinpye

    sweetpumkinpye Well-Known Member

    Jess, I hear that getting pooped on is good luck.!!;)
    A beautiful day here, I wish I was home doing some fun things. Being at home does not pay the bills though.
    I have had lunch and a whole lot of water, it is warm and we have had the aircon on.

    DH had an appointment this morning with the ophthalmologist, hope all is goes well there.
    At least he will be home and can cook something. It would be great to eat outside as the weather is perfect.

    Best get back to it.
  11. MrsSoup

    MrsSoup Well-Known Member

    Katrina- Someone else told me that today as well. I hope it's true! :)
    Debbie- Glad everything went well! Sounds like a great party!
    Jane- Sending good thoughts for your sister's surgery tomorrow!
    Hi Lucie!
    Lana- The tree lighting sounds like a lot of fun. I hope you went and enjoyed it.
    Diedra- So nice to have someone who plows for you!

    DH got the tree put up on the ledge, i'll put a picture on FB. I got the wreaths on the front porch and the net lights on the bushes. DH started the lights out there but ran out of staples so the lights are currently hanging from the porch. o_O I thought maybe he would run to the PX and see if they had some but he didn't and it looks like we don't have any that we could find, so... *sigh* DS is mad because DH took his extension cord. Not sure why DS needs one anyway but he's not happy to not have one now. DH told him that he didn't buy it so technically it's not his. I told him he has a job so take himself to the PX and buy his own. He has yet to do it, or clean his room, or go to work since last Wednesday. Hmmm

    I really just want to go to bed. Would that be wrong? It's only 5:30. haha A hot bath and a good book and then bed sound delightful. I don't even care about dinner.

    Goodnight friends!

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