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    Just pack out the house, or I should say, supervise the movers packing out the house! I'm flying overnight, will get there Saturday morning and we have a wedding to go to that night. We have a couple of somewhat free days - they will be free if Vic has knocked out the prep list I left him for the week before the movers arrive!

    Sorry, just re-read the post and realized you said "how much stuff do you still have in VA?" and not "how much stuff do you still have TO DO in VA?". I just added the TO DO right in there. To answer the proper question, we still have our king-sized bed, dining room table/chairs/china cabinet, bookcases, our giant TV, miscellaneous tables (end, sofa, bedside), the contents of the kitchen cupboards, our master bedroom closet, the craft room, the Christmas room, and the garage. I didn't think we had that much because we got rid of most of the living room furniture and didn't have bedroom furniture in two of the three bedrooms but when I list it like that, it does sound like a lot. The craft room and Christmas room are pretty much all totes but they will still brown wrap all the totes before labeling them. I am so thankful for the movers!
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