Tackle it Tuesday, 9-10-19

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Pam Spaur, Sep 10, 2019.

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    Hello, everyone.

    Obviously, I didn't make the 9:00 bedtime, either! Busy day all around. I try to do all my paperwork on Tuesday and Thursday when we have only make-up appointments - usually no more than two. Doctor complimented me on a job well done today! I dashed home after work, threw a pre-baked pie in the oven and put some wild rice on to cook to take for a potluck supper at the first Woman's Club meeting of the year. Loaded the washer and turned it on before I left. Doctored the kitten's eyes. Was at the meeting until 8:00. Ran to Dollar General to get toilet paper because we're on our last roll.

    It's.still.HOT.here! Ugh! I'm so tired of the heat. It's not supposed to be this hot in September. Katrina, I'm jealous of sweats!

    Pam, baby steps! Divide your rooms into sections. Work on that one section at a time. If there's something that goes into another rooms, make a pile for that room in a basket, box, or something. Take it all at once to that room rather than walking back and forth AND it keeps you from getting distracted by crap in the other room!\
    Jody, happy birthday to your DDs! Fun to get a sister on your birthday! We love you, too!
    Debbie, a lot going on with you health wise. Be sure to take it easy so your body can use its energy to fight pain and heal.
    Jess, I hope DH likes the school swap. I'm sure everything will work out for the car. So hard to keep teens with a vehicle that runs for cheap.
    Katrina, it's crazy how repair people, etc. give a ridiculously wide window of time they're coming! Then, what about the days they "couldn't make the appointment" because the earlier ones ran late and you've taken a day off from work to be there!? Hope they showed up before the drill dance practice.
    Lisa, your "busy" level today sounded like mine....only longer! Will y'all let M drive herself when she's old enough to get her driver's license? Double standard...but didn't know since she's a girl how you feel about her driving alone after dark down the mountain???
    GrammDeb, I have a friend who was making 15 bean soup for the first time. The directions on the back (have you ever read them?) say to "sort" the beans. She called me and if she had to separate the beans into piles or something, and why did she have to do that if she was just going to put them all in a pot to cook together afterwards. After I good laugh, I told her it meant to look through them well to pick out the bad beans or other foreign objects that shouldn't be there.
    Diedra, it's coming down to the wire for the move! It's becoming the real, real!
    Faye, yum! Olive Garden! I'm ready to decorate for fall, too!
    Lucie, that's early to wake up. It's so hard to lose weight once menopause starts in.
    Pamela, hope you made it through the day without wilting and are off to bed early tonight.
    Carrie, hope your energy held out.

    I'm off to bed, everyone. Hope you all rest well.
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    Oh my, I have seen that it say sort them but never gave it a thought that someone wouldn’t know the other meaning.
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    Just on 3pm here and still no sign of the real estate agent. I need to get in a shower and get dressed soon. Hopefully DH will be home soon and I can get moving.
    On the plus side I have deep cleaned the spare room (DDs old room) and completed most of the entry hall. I still need to mop the tile in here and empty and clean the cupboard that is here that holds a lot of my seasonal decor, candles etc.Then I can tick that off the list.
    Now I am ahead and can get another room done on Friday and Saturday.

    Dinner is smelling divine, just need to make mashed potato and I am done.
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