TGIF November 1st 2019

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by luludou, Nov 1, 2019.

  1. luludou

    luludou Well-Known Member

    November already! Morning everyone, we are getting closer to Christmas.

    rain leaf.png
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  2. FrostyShimmer

    FrostyShimmer Well-Known Member

    Morning all!

    It poured rain for trick-or-treating. We didn't have nearly as many trick-or-treaters as usual. There were so many cars on the road as most parents drove their kids driveway to driveway that I was a little nervous with the kids. One mom nearly hit us texting as her car crawled along...I'm guessing she absentmindedly took her foot off the break and was too involved in her texting to realize she was moving down the street while everyone hurried out of her way.

    DD6 had a slight cough when we left. Ten minutes after we got home she had a fever of 102 and was coughing and complaining her head hurt and lying down on the floor to rest. DD8 woke up not feeling well today either. I almost thought we made it a full five days without a new bug. Guessing this weekend will be a wash again.

    On the upside, I have a lot of laundry to get through since I've been sick all week, and it's a lot easier to get done if I don't have to leave the house to take them to wait for the bus.

    54 days until Christmas :)
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  3. luludou

    luludou Well-Known Member

    FS - hoping you get a break of sick people at home but it was so humid with all the rain for the trick or treating.
    Lana - Happy belated bday to your son - hope you feel better today
    GrammaDeb - LOVE your dd's Halloween disguise - it is Awesome!
    Katrina - glad you got to enjoy your afternoon tea. You are ahead of the game with gift-buying!
    MissJoDee - Nice to hear that your son had a good welcome at his new Church position. Awesome to have cleared your poject list!

    We had not quite 300 trick or treaters even though it was raining heavily.

    On the downside... had to speak to ddil to tell her we are going to my mom's for Christmas (Always have and Always will especially now that mom is not quite doing so well… it will stop soon). DDIL was thinking we would go to her house because of the new baby. The baby should have about 10 days… told her she would be too tired BUT she didn't quite take it well.
    I Always worry about what I say to her because she doesn't Always react the right way. After I told her (they were at our house for Halloween), she sat in the LR and didn't talk to anyone for the rest of the evening, … malaise. I feel so bad about it all... but they live 5 minutes from us, we will get to see the baby every other day! We can't do both as my parents live 3 hours away and it's a big evening with lots of extended family that we Don't see at any other time. I'm hoping we can talk this out (she didn't seem to want to yesterday), because I know that with her family she can go months and years without talking when they have a disagreement (almost a year with her dad when she met ds, almost the same with her sister and she doesn't speak to her Birth mother). :( I know ds is feeling bad too but that he understands and is stuck in the middle.
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  4. Lana

    Lana Well-Known Member


    I am coughing and don't feel completely the best. Draining and voice is really iffy!

    Lucie, sorry to hear about the situation. Hopefully she will think about it and be okay.

    FS, sorry to hear about the kids being sick again.

    I need to go get ready!

    Have a GREAT day!
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  5. Pam Spaur

    Pam Spaur Well-Known Member

    Good morning!

    I guess my streak of sleeping well has definitely broken. Had a lousy night again! Maybe I should just stay up till all hours of the night!

    I hope today is payday. I have much to do today. Uh oh. I am hearing gurgling in my kitchen sink. That hasn't happened in two years. And it was not pretty, believe me.

    The thundering herd upstairs is making an awful lot of noise. I give up.

    Let's see. Can't think of anything else. I haven't looked outside yet. I need to shower, call the bank, and then take it from there. For those who aren't feeling the best I am sending healing prayers. Lucie, I understand the issue. But DDIL needs to grow up. Wait till her child does this to her! That isn't very nice of me. I pray that the Lord will open her mind to receive this the way it is meant. For those who are yet to come...and those here...have a great day! Stay safe and be blessed! It's November, already! Can you believe it?
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  6. GrammaDeb

    GrammaDeb Well-Known Member

    Good morning. Sitting with neighbor today - I had to be here at 7:00. Ugh, that's too early.

    We didn't have very many trick or treaters last night. Not even half the number of previous years. It was quite cold. Dsil fixed chili for dinner, but my tummy wasn't happy so I opened a can of chicken noodle soup.

    No plans for the day. Lots to do, but I'm reading a good book...

    Have a good Friday.
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  7. MrsSoup

    MrsSoup Well-Known Member


    We had a lot of trick or treaters. DH sat outside and handed out candy while I took the kids around trick or treating. I decided not to dress up afterall even though I had pulled my costume out earlier in the week. I just wasn't feeling it yesterday. To top off my day, after the weird ball in the dishwasher, the curtain knocked off my bedside lamp last night at bedtime, and unbeknownst to me the little alarm clock, in the process switching the alarm to on. At midnight last night the beeping started. I woke having no idea what it was or where it was coming from. I grabbed my phone for light and was searching for the noise and finally realized what it was. Then I went to the bathroom and swear I saw the shower curtain moving. What a way to end Halloween!

    This morning DH has to drop his bike off at Harley for service. I'll pick him up and bring him home so he can go to work. I have PT and then Eli has early release. Nothing else on the agenda. I need to get some major work done today, take down the little bit of Halloween I put up and pack it all up to go back into the garage into a smaller tote, and finish up the dresser. I also need to work on a meal plan for next week.

    FS- Glad you were still able to go out and let the girls trick or treat, sorry everyone is sick again!
    Lucie- She sounds very childish in her reactions to conflict. Just because you won't be there on Christmas doesn't mean you won't celebrate with them. We have celebrated many holidays not on the actual day with family, including DH when he has been deployed. It's just a celebrate it when you celebrate it. Invite them to come to your mothers if possible, granted with a new baby that's probably not feasible but at least you extended the invitation. She will survive and has to get over the fact that she can't control everything. The sooner she realizes that, the better off she will be. Sorry you are having to deal with that. Not an easy place to be for sure.
    Lana- I hope you can kick this crap soon!
    Pam- Sorry you didn't sleep well.
    Deb- Enjoy your good book!

    Enjoy your day!
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  8. luludou

    luludou Well-Known Member

    Jess - they ARE invited at my parent's house, everybody is. The baby will probably just be too small. Ah well, we'll see what the weekend brings ;)

    Have to go posture class in a few minutes
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  9. Pam Spaur

    Pam Spaur Well-Known Member

    Payday! I treated myself to breakfast. Then went to the bank, filled up my gas tank and then to Ollie's to do some birthday and Christmas shopping. Spent too much! But I got some things for me that were needed. Got Jay a twin size heated throw blanket for his birthday. If he comes up tomorrow, I will give it to him early, because, Baby, it's cold outside.

    I got some puck lights to put above my kitchen sink and under the bank of cabinets. Got some books, too. Got N a book on muscle cars. He will like that.

    My car had white crap on it when I went out this a.m. How rude, Mother Nature. I was not a happy camper.

    Well, I will finish my coffee that I got in the diner. It is at a quite pleasant drinking temp. I need to go to Paris and then get my stuff from the car! Btw, it is very sunny today! Enjoy your day whether it be sunny or liquid sunshine!
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  10. luludou

    luludou Well-Known Member

  11. GrammaDeb

    GrammaDeb Well-Known Member

  12. PamelaG

    PamelaG Moderator Staff Member

    Where did you find the puck lights? I need some for my china cabinets.
  13. PamelaG

    PamelaG Moderator Staff Member

    Hello there!

    Another crazy morning and I have a stack of things to make the afternoon fly. White rabbit for those who say it on the first of the months that have an R. I had to change the calendars in the office and it just bothered me no end to have to put November-December-January in the three-month frame. It's one of those superstitions from my Mum and aunt, you never hang a calendar for a new year until the 1st of January. Why? I have no idea!

    Craft fair tomorrow and I can't wait. I'm meeting three girlfriends and we'll start there, then head to another one, then downtown, and then lunch. Promises to be a fun-filled day. I'm heading to World Market after that to see what they have out for Christmas.

    My goal is to attack two Christmas totes each weekend between now and Thanksgiving. Planning to add more to the declutter pile.

    Have a wonderful weekend and don't forget to change your clocks, if you do that in your area.
  14. luludou

    luludou Well-Known Member

    image004.jpg image006.jpg image001.jpg
    DD's car. A few roofs flew off, electricity is out at lots of places, dh called they had a construction site accident (very serious)… not a good day.
  15. Pam Spaur

    Pam Spaur Well-Known Member

    At Ollie's. Do you one out there?
  16. MrsSoup

    MrsSoup Well-Known Member

    Lucie- If they are invited, that is all you can do. That is awful about all that wind and damage!
    Pamela- We have a craft fair on Hickam this weekend that I plan on hitting up at some point! Hopefully tomorrow after my Target interview.
    Pam- Sometimes a nice breakfast is just what you need.

    I went to PT and got a new exercise, now to just do it. :rolleyes: I'm awful about doing them at home. I am getting better though, I noticed I didn't have any pain last night when we did all that walking. I have been paying attention to the way i'm walking and trying to correct it and it's helping.

    I have a headache today, not terrible but there. I got all the Halloween taken down and put together this morning and packed it all up just now when I got home. I have condensed down from two totes to one, the second tote is full of things to get rid of one way or another. I would prefer to donate them but they just need to go. Several costumes and lots of decorations. I'm going to attempt to get a little bit of work done before I have to go get Eli.
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  17. teachermomof2

    teachermomof2 Santa's Elves

    Good afternoon! TGIF!

    I survived Halloween party day 2019. I'm glad that is over! One of my kiddos got picked up before the parade. He was sobbing. I felt so badly. He was so disappointed. The other kids felt for him too. The parade was outside, so we froze....35*. It was a bit chilly.

    I came home and started laundry. We are going to see The Adams Family movie tonight at the theatre with the cafe, so no cooking for me. Lots of mybto do list this weekend. I'll take down the Halloween stuff tomorrow and add the Thanksgiving stuff. I'd like to get to the mall and do some shopping, too. We will see.

    Lucie...sorry about dd's car. They could take the baby to your mother's if it is that important to her.
    Jessica....definitely a weird night for you. to visit Ollie's.
    Waving hello to you all....prayers for those who are feeling ill.
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  18. Pam Spaur

    Pam Spaur Well-Known Member

    Pamela, if it helps, these puck lights are from Sharper Image.
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  19. luludou

    luludou Well-Known Member

    Just received my white dishes from Amazon... nothing is broken but the plates are big and the center is small :( not sure if I will keep them or not.
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  20. sweetpumkinpye

    sweetpumkinpye Well-Known Member

    Good morning to you all.
    I have been sitting here enjoying my coffee and planning how to spend the day. I really should be doing some cleaning but then I think it would be lovely to sit and catch up with recorded shows while crafting. A nap would be nice too. Will see.

    A lovely breeze is coming through,I have all the windows opened and the neighbours music is coming through. A nice day.

    Lucie, Oh my goodness, the car is a mess. Glad that your daughter was not in the car at the time.
    Pam, a heated throw sounds nice. A lovely gift.
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