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Discussion in 'Thanksgiving Countdown' started by AuntJamelle, Sep 13, 2017.

  1. AuntJamelle

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    Lucie - Do you peel them and then store? Do you cover in water? When I peeled my eggs last night some of them cracked through to the yolk and I was worried about storing in water. I covered in damp paper towels inside a sealed container instead as I read that was an option. I also left a couple unpeeled and will see if it is any easier to peel them tonight.

    I lost a few eggs in the peeling process so I'm going to have to cook more tonight anyway. A co-worker told me to put cooked eggs in a tupperware bowl and shake them up to get the peels to come off - it did work well but some of the eggs just split wide open from the rough treatment. So I'm back to old fashioned peeling :)
  2. luludou

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    I use the old-fashion peeling. :)

    Sometimes I just leave unpeeled (I put an X on it with a marker to know which ones) and they keep a week.

    Nowadays I peel and put in a Tupperware. At least 5 days. I never tried with water.
  3. Holiday_Mom

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    Thanks for sharing the tips on boiling eggs for deviled eggs. I stay away from that dish because it seems overwhelming. I may give it a try.

    Roasting the turkey the day before worked out for us. Having the side dishes prepared and frozen ahead of time also worked out. From start to finish, dh spent 90 minutes carving the turkey, taking the meat off the bones and putting the extra in freezer bags. That was such a blessing to me.

    We warmed up the gravy before putting it in the crock pot and then put the turkey in next. We started it at high and then moved it down to medium. I think it was in the crock pot for 3 hours.

    I let the 13' x 9" side dishes defrost on the counter starting on Tuesday. Overnight they defrosted in a cooler until there was enough space in the refrigerator on Wednesday night. Before bed, I checked the middles to see how the defrosting was going. The mashed potatoes were still solid so I let them sit overnight on the counter. They were better in the morning. I moved them to the refrigerator then.

    I would do this again. I enjoyed the day a lot more this year.
  4. AuntJamelle

    AuntJamelle Well-Known Member

    I can report that eggs I left unpeeled and stored in fridge at least overnight - some were in there 2 nights - peeled MUCH easier than I am used too. A couple were trickier and those ended up being my taste testing eggs! LOL

    Loved how the filling turned out this year! This is one recipe that I don't really follow measurements. I have same ingredients I add each year and I just add until it looks/tastes good. This year I added splashes of heavy cream and that was awesome. Took a kind of chunky looking filling and smoothed it right out. I've always used a small hand mixer to make my deviled egg filling - just find it works best for me.

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