Thanskgiving Thrusday Nov 22 2018

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by luludou, Nov 22, 2018.

  1. luludou

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  2. luludou

    luludou Well-Known Member

    Hoping you have a wonderful day. I forgot to dvr the macy's Thanksgiving parade, will see if I can do it by the internet.
    No gym this Morning, rest day and I hurt my foot yesterday so it's better this way. Stopped by the dépanneur this Morning and got ds a Hockey magazine for Christmas and a Christmas magazine for ME to go with my advent calendar (I made a pouch per day and in one pouch it says to read a Christmas magazine, so just had to get one :) ) Also got more stamps for cards.
    I did not get my painting to look better but I brought it home last night and will adjust it this weekend.
    Today at noon is Spanish.
    Seems I forgot to post yesterday. I had a job interview at 9:00, 3 interviewers and laste one hour but it went well as I did not really stress about having the job. I did not want it but they called me. I told them I wasn't sure I wanted to change job (we are govt so no change in salary) but will see, they had 10 people to interview. I'm getting used to my new place with angry cw as neighbor. She tried blabbing about some other people I work with … saying how they weren't nice with some comments… pfffff I would've said the same thing they did so I did not take it personally. She's just trying to get me on her side… not working. Our desk will FINALLY be moved tonight.
    Ok, hungry now so will go have breakfast. will check on the web to see what BF deals there are around here.
    Got my Walmart order yesterday, a few more gifts are done :)
  3. Ahorsesoul

    Ahorsesoul Santa's Elves

    Happy Thanksgiving to all.

    This is the day to be Thankful for the people and things in your life.

    No turkey for us but I was up early. My mind must know it is time to put the turkey in the oven. lol I did text LC1 if it was ok to move our dinner to 5pm instead of 2pm. I asked her to come to our Thanksgiving because her family wasn't having one. Yesterday she said now her mom was having a small thanksgiving dinner this afternoon. No reason for her to hurry home from her mom's to eat a double meal. LC22 might come in this evening depending on how her family Thanksgiving is going. She is a little bummed because her sister was getting leave to come home but the Air Force cancelled leaves. Some threat must be going on somewhere. I was thinking the stuff in Mexico since the sister is stationed in Texas.

    I have Christmas gifts to wrap this morning before the LCs are around. We have a small get together on Saturday to exchange gifts and do photos. Should be fun. I have Grinch ornaments to make. Other wise nothing exciting today at our house.

    This week I asked Dh several times if our trash pick up was changed because of the holidays. He said no so I woke him up early this morning since he had not put out the trash. Of course it had been changed. Silly guy. He's up shopping on the computer.

    DD is still in bed. Hopefully she slept all night instead of getting up to work on her loom. She didn't go to work yesterday. Was only crabby until it was past time to leave for work. Then she had a good day.

    Enjoy your day to the fullest.
  4. cmerth

    cmerth Well-Known Member

    I have straightened part of the house. The rest will have to wait for later as my guys are still sleeping.

    I am getting ready to rinse the bird. It is has been in brine all night. All I need to make today is the mashed potatoes, small relish dish and the gravy. Everything else is waiting in the fridges.

    I have been wishing people a Happy Thanksgiving on Facebook messenger... kinda fun!!

    Hubby and I had fun shopping last night. The pan I have was not big enough for the turkey. We looked at all the Black Friday deals at the store we were at. No Black Friday for me. I am not a fan of crowds. Trying to save money as well.

    Happy Thanksgiving!!!
  5. Lana

    Lana Well-Known Member

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    I made my 3 dishes late yesterday afternoon (7 layer salad, O'Henry Bars, Cranberry Relish-first time and seems to have good taste) will do the green bean casserole here shortly. I have a bag packed with some sewing items to cut out. I hate just sitting if I can make use of the time.

    Jaymee and Teigan are watching the Macys Day Parade. Recorded Charlie Brown last night and have it set to record Wizard of Oz tonight. Been awhile since I seen it.

    Allen finally found all the ornaments to use on the tree. Tree got lights and the bow and steamers last night on. Will put ornaments on tonight when we get home.

    Have 3rd load in washer. Just will have towels left tonight. Suppose to be in high 50's. Would love to be decorating in yard. Not sure when I will get everything else dragged in from outside to decorate.

    Everybody enjoy their meals and family time. If you have a down day enjoy the time to yourself--not a bad thing/1

    Allen getting ready to go get Aunt Imogene to take to Kims. He will go about 20 minutes west and then about 35-40 north and then take her back. She might want to go see the ruts made by tree trimmers and maybe not. She has not been in her house since going to the hospital in January. She will go by it once in awhile but never in. Sometimes she will want to go thru Ashley but won't look at it.
  6. Pam Spaur

    Pam Spaur Well-Known Member

    Happy Thanksgiving, Friends!

    I am still sick with that blasted flu. DD was kind enough to send me some crackers and Sprite, and that has helped. But I am really weak, and no energy. I did manage to get Jay's pie made and take a shower and get dressed. That is it. Jay will come by to get the pie and his and DD's b/d gifts and some stuff I am giving his cousin. More stuff out of here!

    I am reading the book by Evelyn Husband, whose DH was the commander of the space shuttle Columbia that blew up on reentry. OMGosh! I had to quit reading, because I was just sobbing.

    Hoping Jay gets here soon and will hook up a DVD player for me. My head is ready to blow. Maybe I should go take some Aleve. If I feel up to it, I may start on Jennifer's Christmas apron. I think I have it figured out what I will do. Then, I will need to see f I have enough fleece for my DSIL's blanket. I need to find out what size p.j. Pants Samuel wears, and if I have enough flannel to make him some. This is a soccer print flannel I want to make him.

    The sun is shining brightly at the moment. And there are still a few trees left with leaves on them. This weekend, I want to put my fall decor away. Sick of looking at it.

    Enjoy your turkey and all the fixins! I will do the same with my Sprite and crackers. Be blessed!
  7. MrsSoup

    MrsSoup Well-Known Member

    Aloha! Happy Thanksgiving!

    I slept in a little this morning, nothing major. Now i'm having my coffee and just watched This Is Us on DVR. Now I have the news on. We put our trash out last night because ours is running today, but so far they haven't been by yet. I remember last year running outside in my pajamas to catch them.

    This morning I have to make the green beans (have delegated that to DH since he did such a great job a couple weeks ago), mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, noodles, and ham. The noodles will be the most time consuming since I hand cut them. I'll do the potatoes first because they can wait in the refrigerator and I can reheat in the oven before time to eat. Same with the stuffing. I can pretty much do everything and then work on the house because the noodles can sit on the counter covered in a towel until time to cook them in chicken broth. The gravy will be last. I need to figure out when to put the ham in.

    The house isn't in bad shape but could use some work. However, it may just end up being "lived in" since we do live here. I will move the Christmas boxes to the front room and put up the baby gate and worry about the main room. DD did the bathroom and some other small areas last night. I'll be working in the kitchen so will clean as I go.

    Enjoy your day!
  8. luludou

    luludou Well-Known Member

    It's a cold one here. This Morning was - 18C / -25C with windchill. During the day the feel should be -20C, brrrrr.
    Had fun at spanish for lunch.

  9. sweetpumkinpye

    sweetpumkinpye Well-Known Member

    Good morning.
    It is freezing here, I have turned on the heat and traditionally we don't turn on heat after Remembrance Day. I don't care today, it is just too cold. The wind is howling and there are a few trees down around our suburb.
    Went to the Dr's. blood sugar levels are normal and I lost 1 kilo. Still not back to where I was a few weeks back but at least a loss. She has said to continue what I am doing, and to enjoy Christmas and New Years. Just try and make good choices but remember to have fun as well.

    Went to the mall and got Gift cards for DD BF and the cash that I give to the kids. I picked up a make your self Christmas bon bon kit that I might use for next year. It was 1/2 price. A lot of Christmas is already 30-50% off so if I see anything I really want in the next few weeks I will get it. I have a feeling that most of it will be gone by Christmas.
    DS and I will wrap his gifts to others in a minute and then I think that all the wrapping is done besides DH gifts to me.

    I hope that you are all having a peaceful and happy Thanksgiving Day. I am thankful to have you all in my life and am grateful that I get to chat with you all every day,
    Much love,
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  10. teachermomof2

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    Happy Thanksgiving to our American friends!

    Slept in, fete a night of waking with a cough, then watched the parade. We went to my parent's for lunch. I took sweet potato casserole. Food was very good. My parents had a fight while we were there, my mom ended up was all very awkward, especially for our kids. My mom even scolded my brother's gf. This is why I dislike going home for the holiday. Then we went to J's parents. We got to see our youngest niece, so that was nice. We came home and ate pizza. Lol

    I'm tired. I did some online shopping today. I ordered boots for M and me. Then new bedside tables for our master bedroom. I wanted to order some lamps too, but they were sold out. That's what I get for waiting. I will be taking M for a hair appointment tomorrow and we will do family pics in the afternoon for Christmas cards. I may do some shopping. We will see.

    Hope you had a great day. We are having record freezing temps I'm snuggling on the ouch with a blanket for the evening.

    Peace and blessings--
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  11. MrsSoup

    MrsSoup Well-Known Member


    Our lunch was great! All the food turned out excellent, even if I didn't put enough flour in the noodle dough and it was sticky and then stuck to the counter in a lot of places, per the usual. I was hoping this year would be different. Oh well, they were still delicious. Our friends brought broccoli/cheese casserole, cinnamon sugar carrots, deviled eggs and corn on the cob and the pie that they like. She also gave me a candle for a hostess gift. :) We ate and then cleaned up and the little one was tired and fighting a nap so they headed back down to their house. Their boy stayed to play with Eli and so did their daughter because the girls were walking Perry. Then they headed outside and down by their house and DD came back. Their son is staying the night and their daughter may be. I don't know why I do this to myself.

    DS is at his friend's house for their holiday meal, no idea when he'll be back. He wants one of us to take him for his driving test tomorrow as a walk in. I would really like for DH to take him. You have to get there before they open and i'm not even sure how you get in line for that part. I don't want to have to be the one to figure it out. I hope he passes if they go.

    I'm watching Wizard of Oz and getting ready to eat some leftovers before I head up to take a hot bath. I bought two Nook books today and have my Nook charging now. I think i'll read for the rest of the evening. I should go for a walk, but I won't.

    Goodnight friends.

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