That's it for May Thursday 5/31/2018

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by PamelaG, May 31, 2018.

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    Good morning!
  2. PamelaG

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    Thanks for all the good haircut wishes! I've got this pesky cowlick two-thirds of the way across the front that plays havoc with my bangs but I think we're taming it. Mailed Sophia's package and worked on my CIJ ornaments yesterday. Vic came home and wanted me to go to Costco with him to pick up the non-perishables for the command picnic so we did that and then went to California Pizza Kitchen for dinner. Big mistake - I felt really grim for the rest of the night and still feeling it this morning. Ugh, cheese, I should know better.

    Time to pay bills, do some other financial planning, wait for the water guy to pick up the dispenser and the empty bottles. The fees went up 25% so we decided to get rid of the water service and switch to a Brita instead. Now to figure out which one to buy as they seem to be more high tech than the last time we had one.

    Ali Edwards is doing a Facebook Live event this afternoon about her new December Daily Prep Party. I emailed my scrapbooking friend in Nebraska and asked her if she wanted to plan to go next year - she's in so it's a girls' weekend in Oregon on the calendar for 2019. So excited. Haven't seen her since 2014 - love to have something like this to plan and look forward to.
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    good afternoon to all. slow day at work today. need to straightened out my dresser drawers a lttle this afternoon. cant believe tomo is june 1st. have a good evening
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    DS should be boarding his plane I believe to head to Missouri. I'm so sick of the teachers at this school, or maybe my kid is a really good liar...could be that as well. I hate that I have to doubt him. The whole situation makes me absolutely sick to my stomach. Either way it looks like he will not move to 10th grade next year. He "supposedly" worked really hard and turned in all his back work and now the teachers are saying (after being questioned by me) that he didn't turn in the work. I'm fighting for DS because he swears that he turned it in and we've had issues with these teachers all year, but there's a niggling in the back of mind that wonders if he really did. I hate that. Of course administration will take the side of the teachers because there's no way we can prove that he turned anything in. I've got a lot of thinking to do about what's best for him and some information to find out. I'm really considering having him stay on the mainland if that is what would be best for his education. I don't necessarily think that is what would be best for him parenting wise but such is life. And i'm not sure his dad would want that with a new baby. I don't know that they would be able to handle having him in the house full time. Just some thoughts.

    I have to get mine and DD's stuff together and packed for our flight in the morning to the Big Island. I need to go buy some travel sized toiletries. It's the last day of school here and early release and I realized that I didn't even get end of year teacher gifts. Not sure if i'll do that or not. I do appreciate them but i'm at a loss on what to get and don't want to add to the pile of unwanted stuff that they get each year. I did gift cards for Christmas.

    Enjoy your day!
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    PamelaG - that sounds like awesome fun!

    Did gym, feeling blah, stomach pains + just a blah feeling. no spanish - nobody showed up... so went for a walk, too hot. will work on some of my personal stuff before starting work again.

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    I'd be inclined to send in a sheet with each assignment for the teacher to initial and send back to you or send them an email each time there is an assignment requesting a reply "Did DS turn in assignment XYZ on time?". I know it sounds like a giant hassle for you and the teachers but if you can't be sure if it's DS who's not giving you the correct information or the teachers, having some sort of documentation is the way to go.
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    Friday 1st of June here, the official start to Winter. Spring is 1st of September so 3 months.
    Work yesterday was good, new CW seems to grasp it and I think will be an asset to our little practice. The only thing that I worry about so far is that she is very bright and I wonder if the role will be enough of a challenge for her. I am happy with my work load but she may be after something a bit more "high powered".
    She will eventually be the practice manager so a lot of work will come her way. Not sure, just a feeling.
    Looks like I will be back to normal next week, I don't think she needs much more training.

    Jess, teenagers can be very cunning. I think DS has more to gain in this situation then the teachers. It seems odd that all the teachers are saying that he did not turn in work. I would do what Pamela has suggested and set up a sign off sheet. Do not give it to DS, he will lose it, he will forget it, the teacher won't be in that day, there will be a lot of excuses. Send it straight to the teachers. I have had a very similar situation with my DS when he was in school and as much as we want to trust our kids in this situation I found that my child was the one at fault. Just a thought. I know that you will sort it out.
  8. MrsSoup

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    I have emailed back and forth with the Geometry teacher and she is usually very communicative and it is absolutely DS's fault in her class. She, surprisingly, is going to bump his grade to a D since he is so close and does know the material and did really well on his end of course exam and said that he is lucky to have a mom that will advocate for him like me but that he will need to buckle down and be more diligent with his work because math only gets harder. I fully agree and really wish that she would just leave his grade to teach him a lesson. English is sticking to the fact that he did not turn in the work but will check on the AR quiz. At this point, i'm fine with that because i'm really thinking that DS did not turn in the majority of the work that he said he did, so now he can suffer the consequences.

    Apparently DS got to ride from Honolulu to L.A. first class because a family wanted to sit together. Lucky him. My friend, her kids and I went to Target and TJ Maxx this morning and then picked up DD. I took them back to the hotel, the two older girls back to our house and then went and picked up Eli. I just folded laundry and got my clothes set out on the bed to pack. I suppose I will take the kids for ice cream since it's the last day of school, but need to text my friend to see if I can pick up her son who stayed with her at the hotel. I still need to get us packed and would like to relax a bit before I have to go to work tonight. I hate being in a rush all the time and that's how I feel right now. As awful as it is to say, i'm not looking forward to this trip.

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