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    Hi, everyone.

    I'm still learning things at the job, and it makes me nervous because I know how it important it is that all the medical coding is done correctly. One of the girls who works there seems curt and rude, but I'm not sure if it's that or if her people skills are just not very good. She's good at what she does, just not real good with people. I don't think the doctor notices. Anyway, she's whom I'm directed to, to ask many of the questions I have and she acts annoyed sometimes, as if I shouldn't have to be asking whatever I'm asking about. hmmmm....I feel like telling her that if I could ask someone else I would and not be bothering her. Today she told me to lay something down by the nurses' station where they put those kinds of reports. 1. We have four different nurses' stations. 2. I don't know where "those kinds of reports" are put. I looked. I didn't see it and by the time I had finished with our patient's records, everyone was gone. :confused: Plus, the doctor implied I'll be working a regular 40 hour week. I'm talking to him tomorrow if he's available. I'm.not.working.40.hours.a.week!

    I thorough whining, now.......

    DH and I went to Sam's after I got off work to get the food for VBS. Glad that's done, but it made today feel like Friday.

    Lana, funny that Teigan is now attached to the new house when she didn't think she would like it before they moved. Wow, about the car fire. Do they know what caused it? Years, many years ago, a family here's car backfired, shot up the side of the garage, and caught their house on fire. The fire station couldn't find the key to the fire truck, which is just up the street. Burned down their entire house. BTW, I don't care what time the clock says. If I'm tired, I go to bed! I used to not, but as I've gotten older, I thought...who cares? lol!
    Pamela, how do we form such attachments to our stuff. I've occasionally just looked through my house and thought about how much I must have spent over the years on all of it and wonder how much I could have in savings if I had saved that money, instead of spending it on all the things that aren't really being used.
    Diedra, how is the new puppy settling in?
    Jody, we have a very long, narrow living room. I really don't like it. It's nearly impossible to rearrange it, so I know what you mean about it being different, but not really what you want.
    GrammaDeb, hurrah for valet parking, especially in 102° weather!
    Jess, glad they have an idea of how to treat DD. Strange how we can have little off things wrong with us and not even know it.
    Lucie, I'm jealous of no humidity. It feels like we're walking through a sauna. five minutes outside and you're sweating all very unpleasant places!
    Faye, hearing about a haircut and eyebrow waxing makes me feel fresh for some reason. Weird, I know....
    Debbie, Panera...yum! Our nearest is 2 hours away. Probably good that it is.
    Lisa, nothing like a toddler to come along and change the pace of your day....always good that they can go home, too, because it's usually time to collapse afterwards.
    Katrina, hope you adjust to the medicine soon. It's a horrible feeling trying to stay awake at work when you just want to collapse.
    FS, now if you can just keep those shelves clean! ;)
    Mel, is this the week that K is going to court?

    Rest well, friends.
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    Good afternoon,
    It is so cold here, all I can hear is the wind howling outside, really miserable. I feel sorry for people who have to work outside or those that have no shelter.
    I have had my shower, just need to decide what to wear out. Will meet DD and BF at the restaurant, my mum will get a lift with them.

    Wishing you all a great nights rest.
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    I use chip steak, sometimes called breakfast steak. I use the jarred au jus by Heinz, but I'm sure the envelope and broth would be fabulous, too. The family loved it....the guys each had 2 sandwiches and M even liked it and she isn't a huge steak sandwich fan.
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    I've never heard of chip or breakfast steak. Will have to research that. Thanks!
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