Tiring Tuesday February 5th, 2019

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Lana, Feb 5, 2019.

  1. Lana

    Lana Well-Known Member


    Tired before I even got up! LOL

    Nothing much today. Work and home. Teigan will have tumbling tonight, Jaymee will take her.

    Allen picked up my library books last night, that were in.

    Have a GREAT day everybody!
  2. Lori K

    Lori K Member

    Good morning, MHH friends. I'm with you, Lana. Tiring, indeed! I typically listen to the morning news as I get dressed each work-day, so I have an idea of the day's weather forecast and also to become informed of any commuter issues I may be facing (especially ones that might impact my route or mode of transportation). I was tired even listening to it this morning. Chicagoland is going under another winter weather advisory this evening -- freezing rain and ice, with accumulations to nearly 1/2" expected, starting this evening and continuing overnight. Ugh, is all I can say. Hoping management makes the call re: work from home tomorrow! Secondly, during my commute home yesterday, traffic was horribly snarled due to a shooting that occurred on I-57. Police had the northbound lanes closed for 3 miles while they looked for evidence and shell-casings. Of course, southbound traffic had to slow down and gape at the police activity. This morning I learned that there had been a second shooting late evening on I-57, just south of where the first shooting occurred. Needless to say, I took a different route on my way into work. I considered taking the train, but there are issues at the downtown terminal and trains are running 20-30 minutes late getting in, making for a 2-hour rail commute. Argh!!!! With the first shooting an adult and 2 of 3 children in the vehicle were injured (adult, critical) and the 3rd child, although uninjured, was traumatized. The overnight shooting resulted in the death of a postal worker traveling on the expressway. Where these individuals "get" that it's OK to shoot at one another due to some perceived road rage or turf war is beyond me. As parents and grandparents, we need to do better and raise our children to value life and each other. Killing one another over trivial matters accomplishes absolutely nothing. OK, rant over. Hoping the day improves and we can all remain safe and secure in our homes, communities, and travels, today and always.
  3. Pam Spaur

    Pam Spaur Well-Known Member

    Good morning!

    Seems like forever since I have been here. I read posts, but not posting! I dunno why. Nothing much to report.

    Sunday I went to church. Talked to a hunch of people afterwards. Caught up with DD. Saw my BFF and we got to chat, too. Always enjoy that. Then I glad to run a bunch of errands. N was coming for lunch, but it was stuff I could nuke, so that was easy. Yesterday was Bible study. We talked about Hannah, the mother of Samuel. Our Samuel us named for him, because like Hannah, Jennifer had prayed so longer for this child. I get emotional just talking about it! Today I am at DD's house doing laundry. I am tired already.

    But I got LOTS of lovins from my Rocky. He tried to get up on my lap, but at 90 lbs., he isn't exactly a lap dog. But I sure do love him.

    The washer just went off. I have two men re loads after this. Didn't bring my sheets, tho. I love my fleece sheets. They will keep. Lol

    Tomorrow is a counseling appointment and Thursday is an appointment with my insurance agent. Gonna be busy! Better go put clothes in dryer and start another wash load! Hope you are all having a good day. Lori, that is frightening about the shootings. It isn't much better in Indy. I live about 60 miles northeast of there. I don't even want to go there anymore! Traffic is awful, too.
    Be safe, now, and mostly be blessed!
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  4. Miss JoDee

    Miss JoDee Well-Known Member

    I must ask you to forgive me for whinning in my post yesterday. I know what to do just need to do it. I get discouraged when I think I am trying so hard and when I stop to think about what I ate I realize I am not trying hard. I wanted to do the Keto diet but my doctor told me no due to heart problems it can cause. I am going to try and go back to the low carb diet where I lost weight before along with writing down what I eat.

    This morning I had a fasting blood test scheduled for 7:00 am and woke up at 6:55 am. (DH was laying nesxt to me wondering why I wasn't getting up grrrr) I was out the door in 3 mins. and arrived at 7:08 checked in and was called within 2 mins of sitting down. Whewwww.

    When I got home sat down with a cup of tea and order a book that you fill in with information for loved ones on what needs to be taken care of after death. I have been putting this off for a while but talked to DH and he is on board with me. I know he will be totally lost because I do some much on the computer and he will have nothing to do with it. Family will be able to help him.

    Lori, I was listening to the shootings this morning too. It makes me so mad when innocent people are targeted. You are right about people needing to teach the value of life. I am thinking the violent video games people play have actually devalued life. It seems they can't tell reality from games. Okay off my soapbox. Be careful, Lori.

    Lana, your DH is awesome to do errands for you. My DH is too!:)
  5. MrsSoup

    MrsSoup Well-Known Member


    Another beautiful day on the island and I am thankful! It won't last as more rain is expected and high winds by the end of the week. I will enjoy it while we have it. DS's car wouldn't start this morning so I sent him off to school with mine. I don't have anything on my schedule today except grocery shopping and I figured DH would be taking the bike to work or if not, he could most likely get DS's running and I could drive that. No worries!

    DD is on a field trip to the local community college today with her AVID class. She is already picking out a college for when she graduates high school!! DS is a sophomore and hasn't even started thinking about it. The difference in children from the same family, I tell ya. I will continue working on schoolwork for the majority of the day and try to finish up unit 3 and be done with week 1 and then focus on Praxis study the rest of the week. I have the dishwasher running and need to go jump in the shower after I eat breakfast. I would like to go on another walk today as well. I would love to try some weights but have another headache nagging and don't want to push it.

    Lana- What books did you get in?
    Lori- Wow, what a lot of crazy yesterday going on! I'm glad you are safe, but definitely feel for the families involved. Stay safe in that incoming weather!
    Pam- Sounds like you've been busy. You don't have to have anything to report to post. We just want to "see" your beautiful face here and know you're okay. :)
    Jody- Have you tried Myfitnesspal to track your food? I just started using it again and it's helpful. I'll message you. I think that's a great idea and being military, i've seen how important it can be to know what the other wants if the worst happens. Every time DH leaves, he has to have his paperwork in order. I, on the other hand, have nothing written down and we both really need to do exactly what you are doing. I think everyone should be so prepared. My grandparents did that and had everything paid for as well so their children didn't have to worry about any of it when the time came.
    Katrina- Congratulations on the pay raise! Good luck today at the doctor!

    Enjoy your day!
  6. Ahorsesoul

    Ahorsesoul Santa's Elves

    Hello all MHHersYesterday morning we had very icy roads with falling temps so I rescheduled my Mayo that was for today. Now I go down tomorrow for an early appointment on Thursday. Good thing I cancelled!

    At about 4pm yesterday LC1 called me. She had fallen down her stairs. Broke her humerus up by the shoulder. She is in a sling and goes to the orthopedic doctor on Thursday. She says she isn’t in a lot of pain unless she moves her arm. From what I understand they do not cast this but use a sling until it’s healed. She will have to be off work until it’s healed. Being around DD would be hazardous.

    We have snow falling now. Snow is ok for me to drive in Tomorrow. Looks beautiful. Our garage and recycle trucks are going around trying to get caught up after not being able to get out last week.

    Enjoy your day
  7. halimer

    halimer Well-Known Member

    Hello all! Sunny and low 70's today. Just came inside after reading on the lanai.

    Did not sleep well last night again because of DH's snoring. I can hear it in the other bedroom and even downstairs in the LR. Every year he promises to get treatment for his apnea and doesn't so I intend to guilt him with my lack of sleep as much as possible.

    The windows have been measured for the new blinds and DH and I celebrated the year of the Pig with lunch at the local Chinese buffet. Now sitting and looking at the all scrapping I need to do and waiting for inspiration to hit.

    Jody - losing weight is the toughest thing in the world to do. We are here for you and talk to us about it whenever you want
    Diedra - wise to cancel your appointment. Healing thoughts to LC1
    Jess - how did the car situation and the schoolwork work out?
    Katrina - how did your appointment go?
    Pam - you have a busy week ahead - good that you got the laundry done
    Lana - I too was tired when I got up!
    Lori - how terrible about the shootings! Glad that NYC is now the safest big city in the country.
  8. sweetpumkinpye

    sweetpumkinpye Well-Known Member

    Good morning,
    Just about to head off to my appointment, I am anxious but not terrified if that makes sense. I know that I have a lot of you along for the ride. Will check in when I know.

    Jody, this is a safe place where we can all air our struggles, triumphs, fears and just generally moan. Never apologise for it, it is what we are here for.
    Lori, glad you are safe, the shootings are awful,
    Jess, hope the headache does not develop,
    Pam, hope that all of your appointments go well, take care
    Lana, such a great title for today, I am tired also,
    Debbie, DH is a snorer too, so annoying
    Diedra, sorry to hear of LC's accident, hope she heals well,
  9. housewife2

    housewife2 Well-Known Member

    good evening 74 today its nice but way to early for feb, of all days my window wouldnt come down in the car i had t use the sunroof. my grandson was sick today didnt go to pre school coughing and was warm . hope everyone has a good evening. people are nuts i hear of shootings almost everywhere sad
  10. MrsSoup

    MrsSoup Well-Known Member

    Hi again!

    I went to the Commissary and grabbed what I needed after rewriting my list (do you all do that?) in order of the aisles of the store. I didn't have much to get so it was a quick trip. I came home and got veggie soup going and it smells delicious! I have not yet started schoolwork, stupid procrastination again. DS has been texting me, doesn't he have school to be paying attention to? Maintenance came and put a notice on the fence about a yearly preventative maintenance check. First time we've gotten one that I can remember and we've been in the house for a year and a half. Hmm. I called and scheduled it for tomorrow. They'll check the dryer vent, A/C filter, smoke detectors and something else. Need to see if there's anything I want to ask about while they are here, think there are a few things actually but they'll probably tell me to call and make an appointment. I do need to call and see if they will come clean the air ducts.

    I got a call from the school counselor about DS's 504. It's time to renew it. He said we could do a meeting on the phone. He was looking at DS's grades and asked if I wanted to meet with any teachers. He's doing so much better this year than last. Only one class that he's consistently having issues with and that's math, but there aren't any grades in the system for this quarter yet. He said he would check on that and have the teacher call me. No meeting necessary after the phone call and he will send a copy of the renewed 504 home with DS by Thursday. They really don't do things by the book here, but in all honesty, DS probably no longer needs the 504 but it's good to keep in case he starts having the anxiety issues again. He is no longer on the medication or anything and hasn't had any issues since last year. I hope this continues.

    Diedra- So sorry for LC1!

    Better go stir my soup and start reading!
  11. sweetpumkinpye

    sweetpumkinpye Well-Known Member

    Just back from the breast clinic, all is well. Apparently i have a fluid filled cyst that has been there for a while. The doctor said he can see signs of it in 2015 and 2017 and has decided not to do anything but wait and see how it goes. Feeling very relieved that it is all clear and will just keep an eye on it for the next few years.
    Just called the hairdresser and moved my appointment for this Friday, apparently my hairdresser has retired and they had booked me in with the apprentice. I am not meaning to be a snob but I am not paying $240 to get my hair done by an apprentice! I will wait until I can see a qualified hairdresser.

    I am feeling very tired now so think I will try and have a nap.
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  12. missjane

    missjane Well-Known Member

    Hi, everyone.

    Good title, Lana!

    I wasn't tired when I got up this morning, but I'm tired now! The pharmacy forgot to put one of my medicines in the bag yesterday, so I had to go get that taken care of after work. Then, to Walmart to pick up a few things. I made homemade pizza for supper. It just came out of the oven. DGS#1 has a baseball game tonight, so we're eating early.

    We handed out the first round of senior supplies today at school. In April, they'll get invitations, and on graduation practice day, caps and gowns. I have to check on all fines, fees, books, etc. that they owe for before the April visit. It will be here before I know it!

    Speaking of April...it was 73 here today and we had a record high low last night...63. I got up and turned the air conditioner on during the night last night. Tomorrow is supposed to be 78 and the high Thursday is supposed to be 48! I can't even believe it!

    Katrina, yay!, yay!, and yay! I'm so glad everything was clear!
    Jody, do not apologize for any complaints here! We are all here to support and cheer on one another. I hope you find a "diet" you like and that it does well for you.
    Lori, that is so scary. I agree that the value of life is not being taught. Hope you get the work from home notification.
    Lana, hope you get some productive things done tonight. I wouldn't....I would be too tempted by the library books! lol
    Diedra, that's awful about LC1! Praying she heals quickly. I'm glad you postponed the Mayo visit.
    Faye, I hope DGS doesn't have the flu. Watch him closely.
    Pam, nice to know you're still kicking! Nice of Jennifer to let you go wash.
    Jess, I would definitely keep the 504 for DS. Did DH get the car going?
    Debbie, my dad snored something awful. Traveling with him was awful when we stayed in hotel rooms with him. I understand your pain.

    Hope you all rest well tonight.
  13. luludou

    luludou Well-Known Member

    Evening! was tired when I got up too... when do the night sweats end??
    Super-uber busy day, everyone talking to me and asking questions about their move and I was not even told about anything until 9:00... soo ... plus my regular job. Talked to director a few minutes and he didn't to know I was taking care of the moves AND that my small boss asked me if I would think of going back downstairs.. he said NO, I was staying where I was, they needed me. They can talk to each other and figure it out.
    Tomorrow I have 2 meetings, pilates class and a conference for retirement... both pilates and conference are at noon, will have to think which one I want to go (I already had that conference once last year).

    Jane - hope your back gets better really quick
    JoDee - Sending healing vibes for everyone who needs it in your family. I have an alien-abduction notebook so dh can see to things in case something happens.
    Katrina - congrats on the payraise! My hairdresser took her retirement a few weeks before Christmas without advanced notice to anyone.
    LoriK - stay safe
    Pam - glad you got to enjoy Rocky. Come and chat even if only a few minutes every day, otherwise I worry.

    Just tv, tea and puzzle for the rest of the night. Work & gym clothes are prepped, lunches are made for tomorrow.

  14. MrsSoup

    MrsSoup Well-Known Member

    Katrina- So very happy to hear the good news!! Yes, go take that nap, after all that you deserve it! It's so hard to find a good hairdresser! Mine is leaving the island so i'm on the hunt for a new one.
    Jane- He hasn't had a chance to look at it yet. Hoping for an easy fix!
    Lucie- That is busy! Enjoy your relaxing evening!

    My veggie soup is super yummy, can't wait to eat it tonight! I'll take a bowl to my friend, she's been down with a tummy bug. She called and invited me to a chic flick night with her neighbor friends at one of their houses later this week. I was surprised at the invite. I've been plugging away at my homework and will finish unit 3 before I stop today.
  15. sweetpumkinpye

    sweetpumkinpye Well-Known Member

    Jess, soup sounds great about now. It is still hot here and I cannot wait for Winter so that I can eat soup. YUM. Nice to be invited to a girls night, I was going to dinner with friends tomorrow night but one has pulled out so will do lunch next week.

    Jane, that temperature seems very warm for over night,....sheesh.
    Lucie, not sure when the night sweats end, but I too am over them.

    Just had to ring my doctors, I received a bill for a visit in November that the doctor was going to put through the state system. Don't know why it took 2 months to get here. Anyway I rang and they said it was a clerical error and did not need to pay. That phone call saved $135 so glad I rang.

    Going to tidy the outside freezer now....I know, very exciting.
  16. Miss JoDee

    Miss JoDee Well-Known Member

    Jess, what are the birthday plans for DH tomorrow?
    I was able to change my root canal to Friday. Really messed up my calendar somehow. I will be taking care of ex-boss kids for an evening and a day off of school. I plan to take them bowling and bake cookies. We meet each others needs. I need a Grandma fix and she needs occasional help with the kids. Her kids didn't get much time with her mom due to her cancer so they don't have a good sense of what Grandma's do. The paternal grandma lives in Scotland where her husband is from.

    Right now I can hear the freezing rain hit the windows, there is a chance of 1/4 inch of ice which could pull down the power lines. If icy tomorrow morning, I will text teacher I volunteer for that I will not becoming.
  17. MrsSoup

    MrsSoup Well-Known Member


    Jody- I'm not sure if there will be dinner plans or not yet. I haven't asked DH what he wants to do yet. I will bake his cake in the morning while i'm waiting for maintenance to come do the preventative maintenance. His present is on track to be delivered so that's good.
    Katrina- Since we never get winter here we just have to eat it when we feel like it. haha

    The soup was delicious and my friend appreciated it. Her youngest wanted to come home with me and I felt awful that she couldn't. She cried when I left their house. :( DH got DS's car running. All he did was reconnect the battery and it started right up, no idea what was wrong with it this morning. He also went ahead and installed the part we got yesterday so the brake lights won't stay on.

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