To Do List for Week 3/30-4/5

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    A busy, busy week on tap.

    * Breakfast: M,T,W, Th
    * Workouts: M,W
    * Waters: M,T,W, Th, F
    * Fruits and Veggies: M,T,W, Th, Sat, Sun

    * Pick up vaccuum from shop- DONE
    * Get flowers for back yard- DONE
    * Clean whole house- DONE
    * Grocery shop for Easter meal- DONE

    * Soup Supper- Weds- DONE
    * Seder Dinner- Th- DONE
    * Good Friday Service- Fri- DONE
    * Wine Tasting- Sat- Cancelled- went to the Tucson Zoo instead
    * Final Four party- Sat- Cancelled
    * Prep Food for Easter- Sat- DONE
    * Liturgist at 10:30 service- Sun- DONE

    Whew!!!!! Will get busy towards the end of the week!

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