To-Do List for Week of 2/9-2/15

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    It's the week before Valentine's Day, any big prep plans? DH may end up driving DS to meet his dad for the week since we have winter break next week from school so not sure what our plans will be for V day.

    This week isn't too busy yet, which is nice since it's supposed to be so cold.

    [X] [X] Shadow laser therapy and recheck (Mon, Wed)
    [X] USO (Tues)
    [X] Family Night (Wed)
    [X] Learning Assembly at Primary school (Thurs)
    [X] Date night with DH (Fri)
    [X] DS to dad (Sat, depending on weather up here)
    [X] DD birthday party to attend (Sun)

    [X] Call Carnival about changing DD's gender on the reservation
    [X] Call Real Estate Agent that handled house sale last year about tax documents (do we need?)
    [X] Call Housing to reserve center for Soup Swap with neighbors

    [X] Put in DD's book order
    [X] Attend a Zumba class!! (Fri)
    [X] Return library book
    [ ] Go through kids warm weather clothes, make list of what is needed for cruise

    [X] [X] [ ] Vacuum
    [X] Dust
    [X] Grocery store
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  2. AnnieClaus

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    * Workout- 5x- M
    * Waters- M
    * Breakfast- M, T
    * Fruits & Veggies- M
    * Meditate- 15 minutes per time (would like to do twice a day, we'll see)-M

    * Check out vaccuum store
    * Kitchen cleaned nightly: M
    * Clothes put away: M
    * Work clothes picked out nightly: M
    * Take glass recycling to Target

    * Work on baby shower stuff- get printables done.
    * Happy hour with Joe Friday?
    * Read novel 30 minutes per day
    * Get rid of 5 magazines
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