To-Do List for Week of 3/16-3/22

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  1. MrsSoup

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    I like to get my list posted on Sunday while i'm thinking about the week ahead. Please post your to-do list for the week as well!

    [X] Cruise shopping (Mon)
    [X] Kid's off school (Mon)

    [X] USO (Tue)

    [X] Raise the Bar (Wed)
    [X] Shopping for me (Wed)

    [X] USO (Thurs)
    [X] Zumba (Thurs)

    [X] Triple Threat (Fri)
    [X] Zumba (Fri)
    [X] Lunch with friend (maybe)
    [X] Return DH's shorts and get another pair
    [X] Date night

    [X] Zumba (Sat)
    [X] DH and DS to movie, lunch and shoe shopping for DS

    [ ] Vacuum
    [ ] Dust
    [X] Laundry
    [X] Meal Plan for upcoming week
    [X] Grocery shop
    [ ] [ ] [ ] Kid's rooms
    [X] Call passport office again about DD's passport and request a call back
    [X] Call Carnival
    [ ] Mock pack so I can see which suitcases/bags we'll need to take on trip
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  2. AnnieClaus

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    * Waters: M, T, W, Th
    * Breakfast before work: M, T, W, Th, F- 100%!!!!!!!!!!
    * Workouts- 4x- M, T, W, Th, F- 100%!!!!!!!!!!!
    * Fruits and Veggies- M, T, W
    * Meditate- 15 minutes per session- joined a 21 day meditation challenge: M, T
    * Lights out 9:30pm. M-Th

    * Sweep and Mop
    * Paris
    * Kitchen cleaned up nightly: M, T, W, Th
    * Clothes put away nightly: M, T, W
    * Clear dining room table: DONE!
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