To-Do List for Week of 3/2-3/8

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    It's the first week of March! What projects do you have that need started or finished?

    [C] USO (Tue- had to call off due to DD being sick)
    [X] Raise the Bar class (Wed)
    [C] USO (Thurs- sent me home)
    Triple Threat class (Fri)
    Zumba (Fri)
    Zumba (Sat)
    [X] Tell Me A Story Facilitator (Sat)

    [X] Mail DD's birth certificate to passport office
    [X] Send in kid's fundraisers (Wed)
    [ ] Call for dentist appt.
    [X] Schedule pedicure right before cruise
    [X] Call for refill on Shadow's med
    [X] Call for migraine med refill

    [X] [ ] [ ] Vacuum
    [X] Dust
    [/] Kid's bathroom
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