To-Do List for Week of 4/27-5/3

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    [X] Soccer assessments for DS (Mon)
    [X] Clark Hall to turn in physicals (Mon)
    [X] Sports Office to pick up parent meeting information that I missed (Mon)
    [X] Pick up camper (Mon)

    [X] Explorer to dealership (Tue)
    [X] Health Fair (Tue)
    [X] USO (Tue)
    [X] Register for Mountain Mudder with friend (Tue)

    [X] Volunteer Luncheon (Wed)

    [X] Shadow to vet (Thurs)

    [X] Head to camp (Fri)

    [X] Vacuum
    [ ] Dust
    [ ] Begin prepping yard sale items
    [X] Laundry
    [X] Bedroom closet
    [X] Middle section of dresser

    I'm sure there will be more as I think of things.
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