To-Do List for week of 6/15-6/21

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    What's on your list this week?

    [X] USO (Mon)
    [X] Fax paperwork (Mon)
    [X] DS soccer game (Mon)

    [X] Dentist (Tue)
    [X] DD track (Tue)

    [X] Raise the Bar (Wed)
    [X] Vet (Wed)
    [X] DS soccer practice (Wed)

    [X] Podiatrist (Thurs)
    [X] Volunteer at school (Thurs)
    [X] Learning Assembly (Thurs)
    [X] DD track (Thurs)

    [X] DD field trip to Water Safari (Fri)

    [X] Lab work (Sat)
    [X] DS soccer game (Sat)
    [X] Inside Out movie on post (Sun)

    [X] [X] Vacuum
    [X] [X] Dust
    [X] Laundry

    [X] Finish book
    [X] Start last book in series
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