To-Do List for Week of 6/8-6/14

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    It's the second week of June, summer is almost upon us here in the North Country. We still have 3 full weeks before school is out, but the temps are starting to get and stay a little warmer. What's on your to-do list for this week?

    [X] Podiatrist appt. (Mon)
    [X] Lunch with friend (Mon)
    [X] DS dental appt. (Mon)
    [X] DS soccer game (Mon)

    [X] DD dental cleaning (Tue)
    [X] USO (Tue)
    [X] Pick up fruit tray from Commissary (Tue)
    [C] DD track (Tue)

    [X] Education Center (Wed)
    [X] Exchange DS's shin guards (Wed)
    [C] DS soccer game- don't forget snack and drinks for after for team (Wed)

    [X] Mountain Mudder (hope I don't die!- Thurs)
    [X] After party for the Mudder (Thurs)
    [ ] Fax transcript and application (Thurs)
    [X] DD track (Thurs)

    [X] Flag Day celebration at kid's school (Fri- Addison's essay got chosen for her to read)
    [X] Volunteer for Ice Cream Social at kid's school (Fri)

    [X] [ ] Vacuum
    [ ] [ ] Dust
    [ ] Laundry
    [ ] Pick one room and clean walls and baseboards
    [ ] Wipe down all bathrooms
    [X] Poop scoop (Thurs evening)
    [ ] Weedeat backyard
    [ ] Mow backyard

    [X] Finish book
    [X] Return books and pick up rest of series
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