To-Do List for Week of 7/20-7/26

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    We are in the midst of a PCS (permanent change of station) so things are crazy around here! Aside from this list, i'm sure there will be alot of other sporadic things that pop up. I also have to fit in time with a great friend one evening too. What's on your list for this week?

    [X] Eli Speech
    [X] Transportation Briefing
    [X] Pack laundry room
    [X] Begin packing un-needed kitchen items

    [X] DH DA Photo
    [X] DH Arms Room to meet dealer to ship my pistol
    [X] Podiatrist appt. in Liverpool (Hour+ drive) to adjust new orthotics
    [X] Continue packing kitchen
    [X] Call Time Warner
    [X] Call Weston Lake on Fort Jackson

    [X] Eli Speech
    [X] Playground playdate
    [X] DH CIF turn-in
    [X] Take down wall stuff, pack what can fit into a box
    [X] Take load to thrift shop
    [X] Walmart
    [X] Boxes
    [X] DH weigh camper
    [X] Continue kitchen if need be
    [X] Dinner with friend

    [X] Podiatrist appt
    [X] Post office to put in mail hold for Monday until move is complete
    [X] U-Pack delivered/Begin loading
    [X] Borrow friend's dolly

    [ ] Make sure most trash is out for pickup
    [ ] Change of Command for Battalion
    [ ] Return key for storage to outdoor rec and get refund
    [ ] LOAD TRUCK

    [ ] Finish up loading if anything left
    [ ] Clean
    [ ] Drive-In movie

    [ ] Clean
    [ ] Move to camper and campsite on base
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