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Discussion in 'Hippity Hoppity Day' started by Ahorsesoul, Apr 8, 2012.

  1. Ahorsesoul

    Ahorsesoul Santa's Elves

    The dishes are in the dishwasher, we've had our flourless Chocolate Chili cake with whipped cream, DD is taking a nap, DS and dh are watching golf and I am going to update my Easter Notebook.

    I need a note to remind me not to buy BROWN eggs for hard boiled eggs. DD and her Life Coach were going to dye the eggs. Was funny when I opened the carton and they were brown. Always next year.

    The Ham from Honey Baked Hams was excellent. Will do that again. I didn't heat it but made everyone heat theirs when they dished it up. DS and dh heated theirs, DD and I did not. Now I need some yellow peas to make Swedish Pea Soup. I have some ham saved for sandwiches in the refrig, some slices frozen, some chunks saved for scalloped potatoes and of course the bone for the soup.

    I did add a Jezebel Sauce to the menu (I'm calling it Sister Jezebel). I would do it again. It was made with cranberries and pineapple preserves. I divided it into half and mixed horseradish into one half. DS and I loved it. DD and dh liked the plain which I am calling Sister Mary Sauce. I think I'll add canned pineapple next year to the mix.

    I didn't ever get the deviled eggs finished. Just hard boiled (those darn brown eggs). I made a deviled egg dip instead. I mixed mayo, mustard, horseradish and sweet pickle relish to make a the dip. People just spooned it on egg halves. Probably will do this again. If hard boiled eggs do not get eaten I can make egg salad or creamed eggs out of them instead of having deviled egg leftovers to toss.
  2. Saquilla

    Saquilla Member

    Ahorsesoul, thank you for the reminder about updating our Easter notebooks!

    I am really disappointed in myself this Easter. I had some great ideas, and plans, but I just didn't get to organise it and it all kind of fell apart this year.

    I started the Easter countdown plan, but after the first week I never went back to it. I suppose it was a particuarly busy time for me, but I could have done much more then I did. We did the basics - hiding eggs on Easter Morning, caught up with family on Easter Saturday but that was pretty much it.

    Anyway, I am going to update my notebook tonight (about to run the bath for the girls, so sitting in the bathroom while they play is a great time for notebook work!)
  3. Cindylouwho

    Cindylouwho Well-Known Member

    This is my first log-in since the holidays (a lot has happened since then but I won't get into all that today).

    I'm updating my Easter Notebook right now as I was SOOOO tired yesterday after playing Easter Bunny from 4-6am (after staying up til 1am finishing the clues for the Egg Hunt). Wow -- gotta get this stuff done earlier so it isn't so brutal. We had been out of town though for Spring Break and had only gotten back into town late Friday night. Easter was a lot to pull off on a 1-day turnaround. At least I had done all my shopping in advance.

    Easter still went well and the kids were happy. But I didn't enjoy it much personally though I had a smile glued to my face.

    Where I blew it
    * Prepping DH - He was not much help because I didn't fill him in on the plan in advance.
    * Breakfast -- Didn't have breakfast before church. Dinner AFTER church threw off the day's timeline and kids were starving. Big breakfast then too close to early dinner.
    * Didn't dye Easter Eggs -- And I only remembered on Saturday that my eggs were brown too so had DH pick up white ones!). So we'll do that sometime this week since the kids will be sad if we don't.
    * Scavenger Hunt Clues -- Was working on those til the wee hours.
    * Buying "special" item candy that was a wee too big to fit in even the large eggs. DOH!
    * Not getting the Easter Next cookies baked (a DS favorite). Will do this week.

    Where I rocked
    * Did my shopping before we left for Spring Break.
    * Breakfast was still good.
    * Got the Easter Egg Hunt pulled off without incident.
    * We DID bake the Easter Bunny shaped bread. Hooray! Always a hit (but really need a different dough for it rather than Rhodes. Just not the tastiest.).
    * Buying the Hop DVD as a surprise -- That was a good move. Kids loved it!

    Interested to hear more on what went well and what didn't at your houses. I put a LOT of effort into Christmas. If I put just a fraction of that into Easter, I'm sure I could smooth this out a bit. Maybe not leaving town the week before would have helped? ;-)
  4. Ahorsesoul

    Ahorsesoul Santa's Elves

    It so much fun to read what others have done (or would have liked to have done). I know my notebook saved me this year. I was waiting until April to start doing anything for Easter. It did not occur to me it was so early in the month. Thank goodness for this site with the notebook ideas.
  5. Colleen in PA

    Colleen in PA New Member

    Diedra - thanks for the reminder to update my notebook.

    I was away until Good Friday as well...We hosted my inlaws for Easter. I also used a Heavenly Ham...definitely a keeper!

    I ended up setting up 3 different locations for the egg hunt, by age and that seemed to work well. Since there was only 1 girl, I used pink and purple eggs for her to further eliminate confusion. The kids loved their baskets and the prizes (small toys) in the eggs, so I felt good about that.

    Dessert was an afterthought...I forgot to ask my sister-in-law to bring something, so I made a quick tray of brownies that we served with ice cream. No one seemed to mind.

    The one note that I need to make decor wise is that I do not have ANY spring/Easter pillows for the couch in the livingroom (all white - don't ask!) So I'll be on the lookout for some this year.

    That's all I can think of right now.
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  6. Cindylouwho

    Cindylouwho Well-Known Member

    Was very thankful I had these notes (because of course I had forgotten everything from last year). Was able to pull them up yesterday when I was buying candy and managed NOT to buy any candy that did not actually fit in the eggs! And white eggs? Yeah, I only have brown in the fridge right now. Just put white eggs on the list (and I had even picked up the Easter Egg Dye!)
  7. Ahorsesoul

    Ahorsesoul Santa's Elves

    I find out my notebook are my memory. lol

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