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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by teachermomof2, May 2, 2018.

  1. teachermomof2

    teachermomof2 Santa's Elves

    Good morning!
  2. teachermomof2

    teachermomof2 Santa's Elves

    How are you today? Looks like a high of 78* today and sunshine. The news shared that our town had 107 inches of snow from October to April.

    Heading to day 3 of the work week. It's been a tough two days....hoping everyone on my team shows up for work today. We double split yesterday and I had 30 kids all afternoon. Ridiculousness.

    Today is work, then home for the evening. Last night was free, but I ended up falling asleep on the recliner at 7:00 for a bit. I never do that! It was a short nap...I was awake by 730.

    H moves home today. He said he doesn't need any help, as he has been bringing stuff home for the last month. He is taking his last final right 7 am.

    Hope you all have a great day!
  3. Pam Spaur

    Pam Spaur Well-Known Member

    Morning, Lisa and all to follow.

    I have a counseling appointment in a little bit, and just got out of the shower. If MJ feels up to it, we will get pedicures this afternoon. She has started P.T., and it wears her out. But we will grab a bite to eat.

    We are in for some stormy weather starting this afternoon. It will move eastward. Get ready, Lisa!
    Debbie, welcome home!

    Have a great day, everyone! I gotta get!
  4. Ahorsesoul

    Ahorsesoul Santa's Elves

    Morning all MHHers

    Have to head for the T-Mobile store today. My old phone will go to LC1 so we want to get all her info transferred correctly. We tried it in the past but couldn't get it right. lol Then we might stop at Sam's Club.

    Sending healing wishes and prayers to all in need.
  5. PamelaG

    PamelaG Moderator Staff Member

    Good morning!

    Finishing up the last of the charity event prep and packing the bags to go into the car in the morning. Tomorrow is the BIG day! High of 89 today - ugh! Off to get a manicure and then to Costco later to pick up the cake.
  6. halimer

    halimer Well-Known Member

    Good morning all! Sunny and hot today!

    Still glad to he home despite all the work involved. Went to Costco yesterday and was surprised at the stuff they didn't have. I was planning a trip to BJ's anyhow so will just have to do more of the shopping there - that is tomorrow's job. Today I hope/plan to get everything out of the camper and put away, get a pedicure and maybe a trip to the library.

    Pamela - how exciting that the event is almost here
    Jane - don't know what to say - such an environment is awful!
    Lisa - hope things are better at work
    Jess - what new project are you involved in?
    Katrina - hope your extended work situation doesn't last for too long
    Pam - hope MJ is up for lunch
    Diedra - hope the transfer is done speedily
  7. housewife2

    housewife2 Well-Known Member

    hello to all. calling for 91 today. had some errands and alittle housework to do this morning. want to sit out a little in the sun. hope everyone has a great day
  8. MrsSoup

    MrsSoup Well-Known Member


    Rain for us the rest of the week. Hopefully Saturday won't be so bad because DD and I will be outside all morning and Eli will be all afternoon. I don't have anything on my schedule today. I was supposed to participate in Operation Birthday Cake this afternoon at the USO, where we deliver a birthday cake and surprise a Soldier whose family on the mainland requested it. However, I haven't received any information about it and when I go to the Calendar to look it's not there anymore. So I think maybe it was cancelled. I will call later and find out for sure. It would be nice if they had let me know.

    I will be working on reading chapters this morning, since I keep putting it off. I might make the Wacky Cake today, we'll see. I also need to look at this new program I just signed up for that launched today.

    Lisa- That's a lot of snow! Good luck to H on his last final!
    Pam- I need a pedicure so badly. I have old polish on right now that I need to take off, will try to remember to do that today.
    Diedra- Good luck at the phone store.
    Pamela- I just noticed your "Staff Member" designation. Congratulations! Is the Chit Chat forum now private, do you know?
    Debbie- Are you referencing my FB post? There is a new program that just launched with BB that i'll talk about shortly. It's not a workout program.
    Jane- That's just absolutely awful! I'm glad your time is shortish there.
    HW2- Enjoy the weather!

    Enjoy your day!
  9. sweetpumkinpye

    sweetpumkinpye Well-Known Member

    Good morning,
    Thursday morning, it is cool here but still not cool enough for the heat. Normally we are waiting for Anzac Day (25th April) as tat is the traditional first day or heating to be on but because things are so mild here we can wait.
    Dinner at DD's was lovely, she did a meat pasta bake which I had not tried before. DH has requested the recipe.We were home by about 8 so a pleasant evening.
    Work for me today and then nothing on the list when I get home tonight, would like to sit and catch up with some shows but will see. Better head off, wishing you all a wonderful day,
    Much love,
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  10. halimer

    halimer Well-Known Member

    Hi all!

    Got the pedicure and managed to empty come bags and clear off some surfaces. Made progress. I went through some files and did a lot of shredding. Walked Buffy and she played with the neighbor. Worked on some camping club stuff. I might go through one more bag and/or bring some stuff into the basement and that will be it for the day.

    hw2 - 91 is HOT. We're only in the 80's
    Katrina - Tahlee must have been very pleased that both you and DH liked her meal
    Jess - yes, I saw your FB post and was curious
  11. PamelaG

    PamelaG Moderator Staff Member

    Thanks for pointing that out, Jess, I skipped right over it. I have no idea what it means, hoping a private message will come soon with some details. I don't see any update in the Help Please thread yet.
  12. luludou

    luludou Well-Known Member

    Evening! gym this morning, at noon was a team lunch with games, was nice. Supper hot chicken sandwiches and fries.
    More tomorrow, will post from work in the morning so will have more time :)

  13. MrsSoup

    MrsSoup Well-Known Member


    I only finished up one chapter this morning and still have 3 more to go. I was exploring some material about this new program, showered, watched some recorded shows and ate lunch and then went to Eli's school to meet him for his class's turn at the book fair. I bought his classroom two books and then he chose a book set of Minecraft books to buy with his own money. We waited for DD to get out of school and came home. I need to run to the Commissary for the items to make Sausage Breakfast Casserole in the morning for DH to take in to the office.

    No USO this afternoon. I called this morning and they had never put anything on the calendar and said that sometimes another center accidentally adds stuff to our calendar and then realizes the mistake and removes it. So that must be what happened.

    Debbie- Sent you a message!
    Hi Lucie and Katrina!
  14. missjane

    missjane Well-Known Member

    My DD25 makes the Wacky Cake, and they love it! She's never had it fail.
  15. missjane

    missjane Well-Known Member

    Evening, everyone. DH and I went after work to pick up the rental car. It was off and on....First, they said insurance wouldn't pay for one. Then, they said they would. Then, they weren't. Finally, after three phone conversations - two with me and one with our local agent - they said yes....for 7 days only. I doubt the car will be ready in seven days. The damage to the car has totaled it because the repairs exceed the value of the car. Not surprised; it's 14 years old and has 148,000 miles on it, but runs like a dream. Anyway, we're retaining ownership, so they're sending us a check and we'll pay for the damages out of it. May have money left after the repairs, but if not...oh, well. Not in it to make money off of it, just to get the car repaired.

    We ran by DD25's house after we picked up the rental. DSIL's job is sending him to a 2 day workshop in Michigan next week. He's excited and nervous.

    It seems the heat has hit everyone. It was 92° here today. The humidity is up already, too. Makes for awful hair days! :rolleyes:

    Debbie, welcome back home. It always takes a while to settle back into things after being gone, even for a few days.
    Jess, when will you hear from your tests? Glad you did okay at your cycle classes.
    Lucie, do spicy foods bother your stomach? Sounds like some changes are going on with your job???
    Pamela, hope you're resting for your big day tomorrow.
    Pam, what did you and MJ do today?
    Lisa, I know you'll be glad to have H home for the summer. Wish things weren't so stressful for you at the school. I don't see how teachers keep their sanity not knowing how many students they will have each day. How do you know how many copies of activities to run off if you're doing an activity on paper?
    Katrina, it's sort of nice to get to go to our grown children's homes and let them feed us for a change! lol I'm glad you and DH enjoyed it.
    HW2, I spent some time in the sun Saturday on the porch of the building where the elections were taking place. It felt SO good! Hope you got to spend some time outside today!
    Diedra, did you get your phone swapping taken care of? I usually end up at the store letting them do my switch overs.

    I better get off here. I have to select shingles for the Crowville house because we finally have a contractor who's going to repair the roof.

    Night, everyone.
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  16. sweetpumkinpye

    sweetpumkinpye Well-Known Member

    Debbie and Jane, thank you. Tahlee is doing well at the new house. I think that she still has moments where she is not too confident but overall so far so good.
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  17. teachermomof2

    teachermomof2 Santa's Elves

    Jane...I just make 30 copies of everything. ;)

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