Wednesday December 4th, 2019

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    I rolled out of bed and headed out to pick up Eva la Diva. I had a 2 hour class with her and the trainer. Lots of good information on how to use the training collar. All the when and whys. And when to stop using it (18 months). At that point she will be responding to firmly embedded habits. So far at home it is working very well. I’m ordering one for our other dog. Knowing how to use the collar is remarkable.

    Eva follows me from room to room. Sits as soon as you say the word. Walks on a leash with no pulling. Comes to me immediately if I say her name. No need to say come or repeat her name. When we walk she stops with me before going out a door. In the car she sits when waiting for me to say out and then sits while I close the door. Absolutely amazing. And she grew several inches taller in the month away. She is going to be one huge dog. I need to work for 15 minuted a day with her. Can be broken up during the day.

    LC1 worked today. DD has all her laundry done. We have two batches of thin mint cookies. Both chocolate and white chocolate. I worked on Christmas cards and ordering gifts for DD. Also ordered gifts that DD wants to give people.

    Dh said his cold is better. He’s still taking Airborne and putting on Vicks. I ran out with LC1s suv to pick up a small LEGO table I found on our cities garage sale site. Tomorrow we might look at Walmart for a LEGO set.

    Sleep well MHHers.
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    I have been in a slump. I have been messaging DD and DDIL for 2 days now try to help them with perspective on their life circumstances. DD (30) is in the process of buying a home and worried about not having enough $ in the bank for the mortgage company and regretting paying off a couple of her student loans rather than having the money in their account.

    DDIL is bummed that they can't do Christmas they way she wants to due to their house in SD not selling. I encouraged her to make it a Christmas of experiences. Christmas is her favorite time of year too.

    Then there is Mom. She called tonight to inform (in an upbeat manner) me that she was going to the ER tomorrow morning because she has had pain in her right hip for 3 days and nothing helps. I reminder her of all the safety precautions she should take and like wear her emergency button when she goes to the bathroom in the night in case she falls on her way. She had all kinds of excuses and nonsense reasoning and will do what she want no matter what. I asked her what time she was going tomorrow and she said 9 am. I said oh good, at least I know you won't be on the floor for days. It is only because a family friend (works in dr office) told her to go that she is even going to go. Sent a text to DSis and she called and we talked for a while. We both said we often cry when we get off the phone after talking to her. We cry because she is our Mom. Will wait to hear what Dr. says. My guess is a fractured hip. Hoping I am wrong.

    Heading to bed, I am volunteering an extra day this week as assistant will be out tomorrow. Will let you know.
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    So sorry to hear that so many of us are having issues at the moment.
    Much love and hugs to you all and praying that we all get relief from our struggles soon.

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