Wednesday November 27 2019

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by luludou, Nov 27, 2019.

  1. luludou

    luludou Well-Known Member

  2. luludou

    luludou Well-Known Member

    Seems I didn't post yesterday? ran out of time. Lots of work at the office and that is fine by me!

    Diedra : love the curved Santa figure - I have a few Santas and love them all.

    Ordered more stuff on Amazon yesterday… 5 seasons of Boston legal for $25... that'll be for me.

    gotta go
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  3. Lana

    Lana Well-Known Member

    Hi Lucie and All!

    Rained off and on all night and wind is really strong.

    I need to run to Mt. Vernon for some different stencils. Should go now.

    Have to get my cream cheeses out. My sisters tomorrow, dinner at 2 I will do the broccoli/casserole with chicken rice and cheese dish, peanut butter pie, cherry cream cheese cobbler and will do 3 cheese balls with crackers. I know most of else remember Belle who use to post. She had shared the one recipe for a cheese ball with just cream cheese and ranch dressing that I have made several times. I will do that and then do one with Italian, and one with garlic and herb. Christmas we do a totally different cheese ball. Will do all the dishes today and just casserole in crockpot tomorrow. She has about 30 invited.

    Carol (birth mom) and a cousin are coming into Kims today and will go back on Saturday.

    Need to do some bill pays--hoping not to late with the holiday tomorrow.

    Diedra, what a cute collection ideal. Will think of you everytime I see a curve Santa.

    Speaking of collections, what type of collections does everybody have for Christmas??? I know we all everything with Christmas but...... I have a collection of some churches. Have one my grandparents use to put out, my greatparents and other great grandma and then some that are crocheted and hardened and some glass ones. Haven't been out in a few years tho!

    Have a GREAT day everybody!
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  4. MrsSoup

    MrsSoup Well-Known Member


    I took some Nyquil last night and slept really well, but getting up this morning was rough since I really would rather have kept sleeping. Tank is having ear issues again, started last night. I still have a lot of the ear treatment left from last time so I got it and gave him a dose in his ear. I'll do the same today and for several days and see if that helps.

    I have to run up to Schofield today to pick up my dress from alterations and pick up a refill prescription. I will stop by and see my friend and my favorite 3 year old while i'm up there. I really should get my rear right back here to do homework, but I told them I would stop by.

    I plan to make pies today so I don't have to bother tomorrow. I don't think i'll make anything else today. Since we're doing chicken tomorrow i'm really not worried about doing anything else ahead of time. I'm thinking I might have Chad grill the chicken, we all like it that way and then i'll have the oven free for rolls and to heat the mashed potatoes. We'll see though.

    Hi Lucie!
    Lana- I do a cheeseball when I can find the ingredients, we use Rocha Blue and Old English cheese along with cream cheese, add in a packet of dry onion soup mix and maybe a couple other things but I don't remember. So good! Then cover in sunflower seeds.

    Enjoy your day!
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  5. Pam Spaur

    Pam Spaur Well-Known Member

    Morning, Everyone!

    Had an early start this a.m. Had to meet Norm at a mechanic's. Then he took me to breakfast. I could not eat all my French toast. So brought home for later. I have done nothing since. I am so tired!

    Still have my coffee table to clean off. Then to the kitchen next. I dread that. My kitchen is such a wreck. While I am cleaning, I also need to cook. And then clean up some more. I am thinking of baking a cake for tomorrow. I need to make Jay's chocolate pudding pie. That will be super easy. I may run to Aldi's for milk, or just get it when I take N to get his car.

    Tomorrow I will do the floors before everyone gets here. Next week I will start decorating. It is VERY windy today. Easterners, it is coming to you next. Be careful!

    Guess I had better get started. For some reason, this stuff will not start on its own. Is that rude or what? Have a great day. STAY SAFE and be blessed!
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  6. FrostyShimmer

    FrostyShimmer Well-Known Member

    Morning all,
    Been off for a bit. Girls are home sick.....again. I think DD8's attendance is down to less than 50%.....will have to contact the schoolboard to see if there is going to be any issue with that. Her teacher said not to worry about missing anything.
    One Black Friday sale to stay up for, and then I think I'm completely done :)

    Hope everyone enjoys their day, and in case I can't make it on tomororow, wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!!
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  7. luludou

    luludou Well-Known Member

    So fun to see all the préparations going on for Thanksgiving!

    Will eat lunch at my desk, too much to do today.
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  8. MrsSoup

    MrsSoup Well-Known Member

    Since I am a Red Card holder I have early access at Target, however they don't have ALL the items included for early access. Deceiving if you ask me. There was one thing I wanted to get but it's not available during the early access, not sure if i'll get it or not on Thursday evening or Friday. It was another coding thing for Eli. We'll see. DH has decided that he now wants a recumbent bike but I can't find one in the Black Friday sales. *sigh* We have limited options for sporting goods stores here. I will check Amazon and see if they have any for sale and will ship here.

    I need to get ready and head out on my errands.
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  9. PamelaG

    PamelaG Moderator Staff Member

    Hello there!

    Slow day at work, lots of people out already. My big task is the daily timekeeping but I hesitate to start it because I know people will be ducking out early and then I'll have to go in and make the changes. Sophia will leave the high school in about an hour, run home to pick up Spectra, and then head down this way. I am hoping that the traffic and the ferry schedule cooperate so she can pick me up. If she's running late, I'll just take the bus and meet up with her at the house.

    Black Friday - Sophia's hoping that Michaels has the same 10 jar candles for $10 offer she got last year and I am planning to pick up more dishes at the Navy Exchange because they are 50% off. I know, more dishes, after I just got rid of a bunch. They were a mish-mash of designs, though, and this is my Christmas china pattern and will make a set of 12. Those are the only two things we're specifically looking for, the rest is just browsing, soaking up the atmosphere, and looking at the decorations.

    The first thing on the agenda tonight is for Sophia to get on the step ladder and change the batteries in the smoke alarms. I can't do ladders any more, and definitely couldn't do them and tilt my head back which is what is needed to change the batteries. Three of them have been chirping for over a week, it's like a smoke alarm symphony!

    Lana - Collections? That was an interesting question and really made me think. I know what I don't collect - villages, churches, Santas, snowmen, things like that. I collect ornaments. I tried to think if I have sub-collections and I suppose I do - mini Starbucks cups (the ones that come out every year), the series of daughter ornaments from Hallmark, the dog ones every year, the Christmas Vacation series for Vic, and the Harry Potter series for Sophia. I also collected the school ornaments from Pre-K to senior year of high school, love seeing the school photo in each one.

    Sophia needs a gift exchange gift so I plan to go through the totes and dig out all the new items I bought at the gift shop and have not used. Time for them to be passed on and she won't have to spend any money to buy something for the exchange. I think I have multiple holiday drying mats and guest towels in presentation boxes, for sure, and I think there are a couple of sets of holiday shot glasses (so cute, they say Merry, Merrier, and Merriest). I was able to put together a drying mat, tea towels, coasters, and a bar board for my gift exchange partner. She's the one that doesn't eat holiday treats so I hope she'll like the selection of non-food holiday items.

    Have a great day, everyone! Hope your turkeys are thawing nicely and you're all ready for a lovely day tomorrow.
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  10. PamelaG

    PamelaG Moderator Staff Member

    I need to check on this as I have a Red Card as well. Did you look online at a sales flyer?
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  11. teachermomof2

    teachermomof2 Santa's Elves

    Good afternoon!

    It looks like the weather is changing.....rain blew through and now the sun is shining. Temp is at 60*...very nice.
    We are under a high wind warning until 1 pm tomorrow. Temps will be in the 30s tomorrow.

    Went to school this morning. We had a two hour early dismissal. I stayed a bit and did some things for Tuesday...changed the calendars, got reading materials ready, made copies, etc. Tuesday will be the tree and other decorations. I use snowmen and snowflakes because that will take me through January too.

    Then I went to the credit union and came home. I have my pie made and it is cooling on the rack now. Rolls are rising....figured I'd make them tonight to avoid adding one more thing that needs in the oven tomorrow. Bread is drying for stuffing. Pickled Eggs and Beets are chilling. Table is set. I am amazed at how much I have gotten done in about 2 hours. I'll probably dust the living room and we'll vac tomorrow. I'm wondering why I decided to host this

    I'm thinking pizza for dinner tonight.

    Thanks for the prayers for my aunt. She is home....seems like she pulled the muscles in her rib cage. She lives in a high rise apartment building and her daughter is coming home for the holiday, so she probably overdid it with carrying in groceries and cleaning. We're relieved it's nothing with her heart.

    Hope your preparations are going smoothly and all is well in your world this holiday.

    Have a blessed evening!
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  12. MrsSoup

    MrsSoup Well-Known Member

    If you go to their website they have a banner you can click on that will take you to the items. :)
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  13. MrsSoup

    MrsSoup Well-Known Member

    Hi again!

    I met my friend for coffee halfway this morning. She was headed down my way and I was headed up her way, so we met in the middle for coffee before heading off on our errands. It was a much needed chat. I then went and picked up my dress and my refill prescription, texted my other friend but she wasn't home. I had planned on going by her house (she knew that) but she left and ran errands so I came on home. Good thing I did because one of DH's gifts was delivered and sitting inside the back gate. I finagled it upstairs into DD's closet since I have nowhere else to hide it. I had contemplated heading to the NEX to try out some Clinique foundations but i'm glad I decided to come on home now. I'll go this weekend with my friend. I'll be going to her house on Saturday so we can try out makeup looks for the ball next week.

    I will be spending the rest of the afternoon baking pies and (hopefully) doing homework. I'll see if the kids want to help with the pies. I asked DH to call the hotel and see again about a partial or ocean view room for next week. My friend that's also attending said they have an ocean view, but when DH called to reserve our room they told him they couldn't promise anything and it would depend on what was available when we checked in. o_O I hope he calls today, I sure don't want a city view which is what they put we preferred on the reservation. We absolutely did NOT request that.

    I was able to reschedule the chiropractor and was finally just able to get in touch with the dermatologist's office to reschedule that appointment as well. They never answer the phone! I had to schedule almost two weeks later. I think i'm all good now for my training next week though. My shirts should be here on Friday so i'll have my uniform for Monday.

    The past two times i've had Starbucks coffee, i've gotten the same drink Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha (hot) and both times it has given me a hot flash about 3/4's of the way through my drink. I got super red in the face and really, really hot this morning out of nowhere and started sweating. My friend noticed too. The same thing happened on Monday when DH and I were out. Has anyone had that happen to them before? Any ideas? I've had this drink before with no reaction so i'm not sure what is going on.

    Pamela- Good idea to let Sophia change the batteries!
    Lisa- Smart to use something that doesn't have to be changed after the holiday!
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  14. Myron's Mom

    Myron's Mom Well-Known Member

    Hello from windy Ohio!
    Busy day here. Husband and I went to breakfast then bought a artificial tree for the sunroom. First time in 25 years that we won’t have a live Christmas tree. It’s getting harder for us to set up. Between 2 bad backs and my promise to myself that I will age gracefully and with wisdom, I figured it was time. When we move closer to our son we can get a live one and he can fight with it.
    All my prep is pretty much done here except for vacuum the living room and sweeping the kitchen. My husband will do all that while I put my feet up and have a coffee. It’s a holiday tradition here!
    Collections? I have a nativity collection. My favorite is the one from when I was little. Mom bought it at a auction when I was probably in kindergarten. It is out all year in a glass case now. I also have a Annalee collection. I have a thing for elves and mice it seems. The majority of them are Christmas but I do have some for all the other holidays.
    Prayers for all in need, safe travel for all who will be on the road, and good health for everyone, especially those who are ill. To all our service families we give extra thanks for you and your loved ones as they stand watch so we may freely celebrate this holiday season. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
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  15. luludou

    luludou Well-Known Member

    Was very busy today at work, time flew by - tomorrow no gym so will start earlier on my work. No time for breaks and lunch with cw's.
    will try to chat a little more tomorrow morning since I will be early at work - however I know the boards will be slower as you will all be busy with your thanksgiving fun!

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  16. teachermomof2

    teachermomof2 Santa's Elves

    Forgot to add that I collect Santas. I also have a collection of A Christmas Story Houses, as well as hallmark ornaments.
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  17. Ahorsesoul

    Ahorsesoul Santa's Elves

    Collections other than the curved Santa’s and snowmen I collect moose if they are not a cabin looking ones. It started as Caribou’s stuffed ones they have every year then blossomed to include moose. Most of mine are small enough to hang in between the stairway banisters. And a few reindeer have snuck in. Ornament collections are Cowboy Santas. Those I have stopped buying since we no longer have horses.

    I set up the crockpots for tomorrow. Dh rolled out the pie crust for the pecan pie so that is done. It is very good since I had to do a taste test. I did some oven temperature testing. If I set the oven for 400 the thermometer read 350 when the oven beeped. Then another test showed it went as high as 375. We will have to just wing it tomorrow. I’m not sure this old oven will go as high as I need but will give it a try. We will get the prime rib out in the morning to warm and pop it in the oven at 10 for eating at 1.

    Wishing all a good night.
  18. sweetpumkinpye

    sweetpumkinpye Well-Known Member

    Collections. Nothing much, my tree is a mish mash of different things, just what I liked at the time.
    I do like snowmen and I have a few. Not a huge collection maybe 8 or 10 special ones.
    I also like Mickey Mouse and have a few very special ornaments that I got when in the US in 2010 and 2014.
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  19. sweetpumkinpye

    sweetpumkinpye Well-Known Member

    Good afternoon,
    Just getting on now. Car went in for a service this morning, DS took it to where he works. I was dropped off to my mum's at 7.30am.
    A big baking day for us, Mum made fruit mince pies and cookies. I made chocolate truffles, oreo balls, coconut slice and malteaser slice. We have finished with the baking for now. I will put some in the freezer and bring it out closer to Christmas.
    Dinner tonight will be hamburgers and salad. I want a quick and easy meal as I am a bit tired from baking all day.

    Got my first Christmas card today.

    Hope that you are all prepped for Thanksgiving tomorrow.
    Night all.
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