Weekly To-Do List for 6/22-6/28

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    What's on your list this week? This is our last week of school, finally! We will also be heading to my mom's this week for vacation.

    [X] Eli field trip
    [X] DD cupcakes to school
    [X] DS field day
    [X] DS last soccer game

    [X] Return library books
    [X] Turn in 30 day notice to housing
    [X] Eli and DD BBQ/Block Dance/Field Day
    [X] DD's last track

    Wednesday- My Birthday!
    [X] Doctor appt.
    [X] DS physical appt.
    [X] Laundry
    [X] Pick up house
    [X] House key to friend

    Thursday- Last Day of School
    [ ] Podiatrist appt.
    [ ] Perry to boarding
    [ ] Load up truck
    [ ] Head to Missouri!
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