Weekly To-Do's 06/11/17 - 06/17/17

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    Okay friends, it's time to get this party back on track. Let's just call it practice until we start our Holiday Plans in a few months. I know I sure need it to keep track and also for accountability. Anyone want to join in please feel free.

    Sunday 06/11/17 - Day of Rest (Yes this is new to me but I am forcing myself to actually relax) I take this time to plan for my week ahead.

    Monday 06/12/17
    [ * ] Feed animals
    [ * ] Prepare Breakfast (Blueberry Pancakes}
    [ * ] Wash dishes and wipe down kitchen
    [X ] Go check on parents (don't want to give them this stomach bug)
    [ ] Master Bedroom, Master Bath
    [ ] Guest Bedroom #2
    [ ] Guest Bathroom
    [ * ] Laundry
    [ * ] Prepare Lunch {Chicken & Dumplings}
    [ * ] Eat lunch, clean kitchen, set coffee pot for tomorrow
    [ * ] Rest for an hour
    [ *] Grands Bedroom/Laundry Room
    [ * ] Prepare dinner (Pasta Salad)
    [ * ] Feed animals
    [ * ] Eat and wipe down kitchen
    Well I am thrilled that I managed to conquer Laundry Mountain as well as the grandkids room/catch all. This was the worst of the 3 rooms and although I didn't get to the other two rooms and bathrooms I am proud of this accomplishment. I will work on the missing tasks when I finish my daily focus or next Monday when the bedrooms & baths are scheduled again.

    Tuesday 06/13/17
    [ * ] Feed animals
    [ * ] Breakfast (Southwestern Omelets)
    [ * ] Wash dishes and wipe down kitchen
    [ * ] Go check on parents
    [ * ] Water plants
    [ ] Dining Room and Breakfast room
    [ * ] Prepare Lunch (Mac & Cheese with smoked sausage)
    [ * ] Eat ,wipe down kitchen, set coffee pot for tomorrow
    [ * ] Rest for 1 hour
    [ * ] Banking
    [ * ] Complete Dining Room and Breakfast room - Got it done Wednesday
    [ * ] Pizza for dinner
    [ * ] Feed animals
    [ * ] Wash dishes and wipe down kitchen
    [ * ] Plant herbs in prepared garden pots
    [ ] Plant squash & zucchini in bed #2

    Today was one of those days that if it could go wrong, it did. We were woken up at 3am this morning when DH's cpap machine stopped working and gave an error code. We waited until the manufacturer opened and called them only to find out the motor died and the machine has to be replaced. DH was in a full blown panic. I can't imagine knowing that the one thing that helps you breathe isn't working. After several calls and the help of a wonderful God, a sweet acquaintance of ours, who happens to own a medical supply company, loaned us a brand new unit. We'd no longer gotten one problem resolved when the health department showed up to inspect our mechanical sewer system. We weren't concerned because we just had it serviced and a new motor installed just weeks ago. Much to our shock the new motor had seized up and was not working for the inspection. They red flagged our system and gave us 10 days to have it in good working order before re-inspection. Again, several phone calls and 6 hours later the sewer system tech showed up to confirm that the motor was faulty. It will be a day or so before a new one can be installed. I didn't get to take care of the focus areas of the day but I'm so thankful that the issues that did pop up were able to be resolved. There's always tomorrow. My housework certainly will not run away.

    Wednesday 06/14/17
    [ * ] Feed animals
    [ * ] Breakfast ( Pecan Praline Oatmeal)
    [ * ] Wash dishes and wipe down kitchen
    [ ] Go check on parents
    [ ] Living Room/DH's office - Moved to Thursday
    [ * ] Prepare Lunch ( Shrimp Salad)
    [ * ] Eat and wipe down kitchen
    [ * ] Rest for an hour
    [ * ] Pay commercial property insurance/Electric bill on-line
    [ ] Finish living room/DH's office - Moved to Thursday
    [ * ] Prepare dinner (Hot Dogs - Chips)
    [ * ] Feed animals
    [ * ] Eat and wipe down kitchen
    [ ] Apply Neem Oil to fig tree, destroy diseased leaves

    Today was a very productive day although today's tasks were from yesterday. DH took charge of the garage cleaning so it freed up an extra day in my schedule to move things around and get back on track. The new motor was installed on the septic system so we can have it re-inspected.

    Thursday 06/15/17
    [ * ] Feed animals
    [ * ] Laundry
    [ * ] Breakfast (Eggs, grits, bacon, toast)
    [ * ] Eat and wipe down kitchen
    [ * ] Garage stall 1
    [ * ] Prepare lunch (Chicken salad sandwiches, chips)
    [ * ] Set coffee pot for tomorrow
    [ * ] Rest
    [ * ] Rotate laundry
    [ * ] Continue working on garage
    [ ] Bathe dog
    [ * ] Prepare dinner (Sheppards Pie)
    [ * ] Feed animals
    [ * ] Eat and wipe down kitchen
    [ ] Weed raised garden bed #4

    Today my get up and go, got up and died. I accomplished the bare minimum. Thankfully DH has worked really hard in the garage for me. I guess I just needed a day of rest. I pray my energy returns tomorrow.

    Friday 06/16/17
    [ ] Feed animals
    [ ] Breakfast (French toast)
    [ ] Unload both cargo trailers & sort
    [ ] Clean SUV inside & out
    [ ] Prepare lunch {Jambalaya)
    [ ] Eat, wipe down kitchen, prepare coffee pot for tomorrow
    [ ] Rest
    [ ] Finish daily focus/tasks
    [ ] Prepare dinner {grilled catfish, asparagus)
    [ ] Feed animals
    [ ] eat & wipe down kitchen
    [ ] Weed & maintenance of citrus trees

    Saturday 06/17/17
    [ ] Feed animals
    [ ] Breakfast (Banana Nut muffins)
    [ ] Eat
    [ ] Prepare chicken salad for lunch & refrigerate
    [ ] Check on parents
    [ ] Clean out/organize kitchen fridge & freezer
    [ ] Deep clean kitchen
    [ ] Eat lunch, prepare coffee pot for tomorrow
    [ ] Rest
    [ ] Craft time - t-shirts & window decal
    [ ] Prepare dinner - Pizza
    [ ] Feed animals
    [ ] Wipe down kitchen
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  2. Lana

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    Nice organization Ellen! That doesn't looked but spell check didn't come on! LOL!

    At work I normally write a list for the week evenings in my spare time. If busy I do one for just that night and then add onto it the next day. Allen needs to do one. He is like me and starts to much at a time and ZINCH gets done!
  3. sweetpumkinpye

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    What a list, I need to come to your house on Friday for Jambalaya. I have never eaten it but it sounds delish.
    I do something very similar to this list in my planner. What to have for lunch at work etc. And I do a huge to do list for my days off. I get a weird sense of achievement when I tick things off my list.
  4. luludou

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    I prep my to-do list in an old notebook. I love lists!!! and crossing things off. I have the menu-plan lift, the regular chores list, the 'extra' to do list, a Christmas craft list, an 'other craft' list, etc....
  5. MrsSoup

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    Awesome list Ellen! I love that you include an hour of rest every afternoon! I am so going to start incorporating that when my life normalizes after this move. I'm not sure if I can really make a daily list at this point but I am going to try. I will probably find myself coming back to add to it frequently, possibly even after i've already done something. LOL

    Monday 6/12
    [X] Coffee Meeting at Starbucks
    [ ] Give dogs flea/tick treatment
    [ ] Go through dresser drawers
    [X] Cancel hotel room
    [X] Make ornaments (i'm way behind- but they will be in the mail tomorrow)
    [X] Read for an hour!
    [X] Maybe attend friend's daughters swim meet this evening

    Tuesday 6/13
    [X] Attend a Change of Command Ceremony
    [X] Make Master CD for end of cycle fundraiser and CD burn party tomorrow
    [X] Grocery Shop
    [X] Begin packing up kids for grandma's
    [X] Mail ornaments
    [ ] Linen closet
    [ ] Bathroom cabinets
    [X] Read for an hour!
    [ ] Go through video games
    [ ] Go to farmers market in search of creamed honey for mom

    Wednesday 6/14
    [ ] Pay Bills/Balance checkbook
    [X] CD Burn Party
    [X] Pick up Eli's prescription
    [ ] Finish packing children
    [ ] Pack myself
    [X] Take dogs to boarding
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  6. ejagno

    ejagno Well-Known Member

    Jess, you can add, delete or customize your list as many times as you need until it fits your families needs. I included a rest period simply because I found myself dragging by 2-3:00 and not getting anything accomplished. I've also started trying to go to bed earlier and getting up earlier, especially with summer arriving so that the most activities are done before the hottest part of the day. I remember my grandmothers laying down for a short rest after lunch each day and feeling so refreshed when they got up.

    I realized something over the past few days which prompted me to get back to making a list. It's called having "Present Time Consciousness" in everything I do. We spend so much of our time trying to do as much as possible in the least amount of time (multitasking) that we've lost the ability to focus and do one thing well from start to finish instead of trying to do 10 things with mediocre results. We go to bed frustrated because we've worked our tails off and we have nothing done well and completed to show for it.

    Thinking back, I really felt guilty and sad for my boys. It was always a big joke about us having most of our treasured and important discussion while I was in the bathroom. The minute my boys saw me heading for the bathroom they'd run in there to talk. I hated it. But looking back, this was the only time they knew they had my total and complete undivided attention. I was trapped. I wasn't trying to cook dinner, fold clothes, scrub the bathroom, pay bills, doing stuff for the business or helping with homework. LOL Today I get upset when I'm sitting across the table from my adult kids and they are all glued to their cell phones. The grandbabies from 2-8 years old walk around glued to their IPads. We taught them that. Not specifically a cell phone or IPad but we taught them that being present and focused on the here and now wasn't important. And that 's exactly how it makes me feel "Like I'm not important enough." Is this how my kids felt?

    I can't count the times I've turned the washer on to fill and forgot to add the clothes because the animals needed feeding, put the clothes in the dryer and got busy with dinner and forgot to turn it on, started cleaning the bathrooms and got distracted while putting away the windex and ended up washing dishes instead. My poor dog woke us up one night last week. Poor baby was hungry as we'd gotten busy and both forgot to feed the dog her dinner. This made me feel terrible once again. The time and money is lost, the effort is wasted if you can't decide what you're doing, focus on it and do a great job from start to finish then you just keep being that hamster on the wheel running your tail off and going nowhere. I'm tired of feeling frustrated, exhausted and guilty for all my efforts.

    I too love checking off lists. It's a sense of accomplishment. Whether every single task gets checked off or not at least I know that I did accomplish something and did it well. I check my list often throughout the day so that important tasks DON'T get overlooked. I actually woke up with upset stomach this morning and haven't felt like doing much but once I crossed off the first one I didn't want to stop.

    There are constants in our lives like when to pay the house note or when to bring the trash to the road for collection but in today's world it's all the other things that weigh us down and end up getting overlooked. I've found myself forgetting what the date was and actually forgot to pay a bill on time. When I was working outside the home dates were never an issue but at home I rarely looked at it. All too often we overlook ourselves the most. So yes, I included my crafting time, a day off and I've included my short daily rest time because I deserve it and have more than earned it.

    It's just a starting point. You gals are terrific and I love the support.
  7. halimer

    halimer Well-Known Member

    Glad to see you posting again Ellen! You make some very good points about focusing on one thing at a time. I also try to prioritize - if the party is on Saturday don't worry about the trip the following Wednesday until that is over.

    I sometimes make general lists and do love the thrill of crossing things off.

    And I'd love to have a meal at your house sometime - almost every one sounds super.
  8. luludou

    luludou Well-Known Member

    WTG Ellen! love to read how you think and I agree with it all.
  9. Christmaslvr

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    Love, love, love your posts and your lists!

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