What Christmas was Like 100 Years Ago

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    We tend to think of Christmas much the same year after year. We listen to many of the same songs, we watch the same movies, we eat the same stuff and we do many of the same things that we have always done. We cling to Christmas traditions faithfully. But a look back in time separates the celebration of Christmas for us in many ways. Christmas 100 years ago has many similarities to Christmas today – and yet it was so very different. After all, there was no White Christmas, no Rudolph, and no Bing Crosby in 1916. Hard to imagine it, isn’t it? There are other things that influence our celebrations of Christmas that set them apart over time,Read more

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    What a great read!

    Love Santa with the rifle!
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    Loved reading about christmas 100 years ago! and how they had to shop early because of the war efforts
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    I agree, great read!
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    I love the article!

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