Winding up Wednesday December 5th, 2018

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Lana, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. Lana

    Lana Well-Known Member

  2. Lana

    Lana Well-Known Member

    Got up alittle earlier to print the recipes to put into family/friends cards and no ink :( Guess I will go put pictures in and stamps on them.

    Greg came to visit for awhile last night.

    Elf is up on top of the deer head this a.m.. Wears you out thinking of ideals for them.

    Maybe tonight will be sewing since I thought I would get cards done last night and this a.m.. I mail on the 7th. Guess I should really run and get ink.

    Have a GREAT day!
  3. luludou

    luludou Well-Known Member

    Last night at 6:00 we met with the lady for the bathroom cabinets, then at 7:30 had acupuncture. Another appointement for next Week. I did tell him my headaches were much better, I still wake up during the night but get back to sleep faster. However my stomache is worse, so he worked on that.

    Mailed insurance papers this Morning and all Christmas cards last night :)

    Will be another busy day at work, have to cancel my Spanish for this Week and next Week, lunches with some cws.
    I will probably take the bus back home tomorrow and change next Monday for next Friday… ds will have his house and need help

    Have a great day
  4. Miss JoDee

    Miss JoDee Well-Known Member

    Was informed last night that DS(27) maybe moving out some time soon. He met with a two guys (says they are all nerds and thought they could make things work if the rented a house. He is thinking that it would be a good transition for him in preparing for a purchasing his own house. He did tell potential housemates that he will be looking for a house but would not leaving them hanging. He would continue paying his share or find someone to sublet too. That child/man amazes me.

    Off to volunteer at school today. I help with both classes so it is an all day event. Tomorrow will be a big cleaning of the house with DH's help and then we just need to maintain for the rest of the month.

    Have a great day my friends.
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  5. Pam Spaur

    Pam Spaur Well-Known Member

    Good morning, Friends!

    It is cold here again. I am NOT loving it. The county roads are bad, so DD suggested I not go do laundry today. I will shoot for tomorrow. Yesterday was another busy day! From 9:00-3:30! I need to find my sugar cookie recipe, because I need to bake 2 dozen for our soup luncheon this Sunday. Another fund raiser for our quilting ministry. We are going to deliver quilts on Monday afternoon. This nursing home won't have enough staff on the weekend to go around with us. We are retired ladies, so hopefully we will have enough of us to pass them out. This will be a good test of my stimulator, because it will be a lot of walking.

    Finished three people for Christmas yesterday. Got Samuel's tool kit, although it cost me ten extra bucks. And got colored pencils for the two ladies at the office. I got them cat coloring books. I know Julie's DGD will help her. Today, I would like to get my Christmas ham, and freeze it. Just depends on how much they cost.

    I have a counseling appointment this a.m., so had best get in the shower. I think I may have to turn my heat up a little. The air feels quite cool in here, and I am in bed with covers on! I need to plug in my electric blanket. Last year I didn't need it, but this year seems to be much colder much earlier. Maybe I will get DD's apron finished today. I made some felt ornaments earlier this year and cannot find them. Grrr! And I need to check my list to see what else I need to get. I am gonna give my sons Amazon gift cards. I love Amazon myself. Oh well. It just depends on finances.

    Ok, I have one hour to get with the program. Have a wonderful day. Stay safe and be blessed!
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  6. cmerth

    cmerth Well-Known Member

    I am finally getting on here. It has been a busy week so far.

    Super cold here. Like 10 degrees this morning. They are working on the building beside us... it is going to be a loud and annoying day (our dogs are going to bark at the workers). :(

    The blog has been keeping me busy as well as my Christmas sewing projects. I am almost done and it is driving me nuts. I wasn't able to finish last night since we had dinner with friends. I did get the baby blanket done. I am so glad for that.

    Kiddo is home most of the day today-- late start and short schedule.

    My housework and baking is calling me. I am on cookie batch #4.
  7. MrsSoup

    MrsSoup Well-Known Member


    Yesterday took a turn for me. I developed a horrible headache. I did end up managing to make dinner, which no one ate but me. Everyone gripes about dinner (DH especially) and then didn't eat it. He said he thought it was just for me. Why on earth would I make dinner just for me? I would not have wasted so much time cooking when I didn't feel good to boot for just me!!! I can tell you who will NOT be cooking tonight! We went to the tree lighting and it was much less festive than last year. We were in line for hot chocolate when they lit up the tree. Santa arrived on a firetruck like last year but it was much less of a to-do. They didn't have the Santa Singers or anything this year. It was a bit disappointing. We were only there for 30 minutes or so. Not really even worth going.

    I fell asleep on the couch when we got home and then went up to bed. I feel better this morning. I'll go volunteer at Eli's school for the Holiday Shop. I was supposed to be there from 8-11 but my appointment is at 10:50 so i'll have to cut it short. Eli's class comes at 10:30 so i'll miss him. I told him I would leave a note for him with suggestions for DD, DS and DH with someone. This afternoon DS has another nutritionist appointment and he hasn't been doing anything that she suggested, so it's really a waste of time. Eli has Scouts tonight. DH is off today for the National Day of Mourning so he'll be working on DS's vehicle. It would be fantastic if he would get it fixed so DS could start driving it and realize the cost of gas. haha

    Lana- I agree! I wish I were one of those organized people that had a plan for everyday in advance, but i'm not.
    Lucie- I hope the acupuncture helps with your stomach like it did with your headaches.
    Jody- That's a very responsible/reasonable thing for DS to do. My brother lived with friends from high school for quite some time, they all shared a house that one of them bought and the others paid him rent.
    Pam- If you need a sugar cookie recipe let me know. I have two that are very good, one makes a smaller amount than the other.
    Carrie- Can you play some Christmas music really loud to help drown out the noise and keep the dogs from barking? I do that sometimes when they are working around here.

    Enjoy your day!
  8. halimer

    halimer Well-Known Member

    Good morning all! Cold and sunny today.

    Slept well:) How good that feels!

    So far I've just done some general pick up around the house and moved some laundry around. I might put up another batch of pumpkin butter in my slow cooker. It is an easy recipe and I happen to have a lot of pumpkin. I also have something to return to Costco and some small gifts to "put together".

    Pam - hope you find those ornaments
    Carrie - I've enjoyed reading your blog
    Jess - yes, the cost of gas should certainly wake up DS
    Lucie - hope you feel better
    Lana - hope. you get the sewing done
    Jody - you've raised a fine young man
  9. Pam Spaur

    Pam Spaur Well-Known Member

    Well, I went to Walmart after my counseling appt., and got a few groceries. My Christmas ham. Finally some egg nog. Did not get any last year. Got N a couple of long sleeved t-shirts. The stuff is all put away. Oh, got a turkey breast, because I hardly got any turkey this year! But by the time I got home, brought everything in and put it away, my upper back was really hurting. Sat down for a few minutes and now it is fine. Thank you, Lord. I spent way more than I had planned on, but it is Christmas. I did find some gifts that I had gotten for someone a couple of years ago. He never showed, so I can divide them up among the men in the family. Score.

    I empathize with those of you having migraines. Sometimes, a change in the weather will bring one on for me. The different pressures-especially a low front-will bring horrible pain. I pray that you get relief soon.

    Jess, if I cannot find my recipe, I will definitely let you know.

    Ok, time to get busy. TTYL
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  10. cmerth

    cmerth Well-Known Member

    Oh, Jessica... thank you for that great idea. I turned the furnace fan on to drowned out the sound but music is a much better idea.

    Debbie... I am so glad you have enjoyed reading my blog. I enjoy writing it.
  11. MrsSoup

    MrsSoup Well-Known Member

    Hi again!

    The Holiday Shop is one of my favorite things to volunteer for but it can be sad sometimes too when the kids come in with no money. This year they had The Polar Express playing and a craft table set up for those that didn't have money. They can also come back another day during first recess if they bring money another day. I helped a few kids with picking out items for family members and I left a note for Eli and suggested he just get ornaments for DH, DD and DS. There really wasn't anything else that I felt would be worthwhile for them, but he can do what he wants. There wasn't anything for the older sibling ages so that will be his best bet.

    I went to my appointment and she was stumped at my symptoms so said she would document them and told me to just monitor them. I'll let the chiropractor know on Monday when I go and he can adjust as necessary. My mom gets aura migraines which sounds like what the word thing could have been and maybe even the weird temple pain that came and went. The leg numbness could have been a pinched nerve from something being out in my back or sacrum. I'm guessing sacrum but the chiropractor can fix it. If it happens again i'll keep track. I'll try to go for a run again this week and see.

    DH went down to Nissan to ask questions. It will be almost $200 just to put the vehicle on their machine to diagnose it and then if it turns out to be the security thing (which we're pretty sure it is) then it will be $150 for a new key and to recode everything. Plus we have to tow it down there. I guess we'll make a decision today or sometime in the near future.

    Off to figure out lunch since i'm getting dirty looks because I don't have a ready answer for what I would like. :rolleyes:
  12. sweetpumkinpye

    sweetpumkinpye Well-Known Member

    Good morning my lovelies.
    I have woken up not feeling the best. I feel a bit car sick, does that make sense?
    Off to do the groceries today, second last one for the year. I have quite a small list for groceries but a large list for things to buy. I want to find some more white LED's for the tree and maybe some small wreaths. I will look to see if there are any great pre Christmas bargains that I can put away for next Christmas.
    I can often pick up great novelty stocking fillers now. Last year I got DS a Santa that "burped" jingle bells (it was more a fart!). It was 50cents and he loved it.
    A great time to pick up things if you can before it is all picked over.

    Perhaps will get nails done and I have a hair appointment tomorrow so shall be all Christmas ready.
    Hoping that you all have an amazing day,
    Much love,
  13. halimer

    halimer Well-Known Member

    Hello again!

    Finally got the pumpkin butter up and DH found my suitcase. I think we will do one regular size suitcase and one carry one. We were talking to DS about sharing charger, converters and what not. Warned the credit card companies that we would be traveling. I will do my return and other outside stuff tomorrow.

    Katrina - you are amazing already planning for next Christmas!
    Jess - the head pains could be from the Trigeminal Neuralgia
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  14. Ahorsesoul

    Ahorsesoul Santa's Elves

    Halimer, I want to hear all about your travel adventure when you return. Will you blog about it?

    Did little things this morning. Put things back where they belong, shredded some paper, did the mail crap (shredded some more), opened packages from Amazon that came by mail (guess the package guy didn't take the day off), made waffles for dinner using the recipe Dh wanted (ick, won't be doing that again, I had told him they wouldn't be any good but when has he listened to me about a recipe, he doesn't cook), cleaned out the refrig since it was trash day. Really cleaned out a lot of items. If we hadn't used it lately it went into the trash including dressings, pickles and sandwiches spreads. I fit in watching Who Do You Think You Are during the day. Two episodes which were pretty good. And I spruced up my fall wreath I was getting ready to put away. It has new ribbons and I highlighted with gold the fruit on it and the pine cones. Ready for next year.

    I'm signed up for another Jewelry wire class. Last nights class was very interesting. I wouldn't be taking another one but this next one is how to wire in a stone for a necklace. The instructor said yes, I would be able to wire in DD's gallstones after taking this class. DD has always wanted them made into a necklace and earrings. So maybe I'll finally get that done. Now to find them. Ha, opened on of the desk drawers and they waved at me.

    DD was signed up to go a group that was playing cards today but she had a fit about it. Decided she wanted to go to work instead, then wanted to go to both (which are at the same time), got herself into yelling and then went downstairs to knit on her loom. Then she was mad she didn't go to either. Sometimes you just can't make her happy. I think she was a little jealous LC1 and I had gone to the class last night.

    I need some food. I didn't eat but a part of a waffle and a bite of bacon for dinner. I have some leftover paperwork to do but I think I'll take a bath and read a book.

    Have a good evening.
  15. luludou

    luludou Well-Known Member

    Evening! Tonight plumber is here to do some stuff in the bathroom. Tomorrow I will take my car to bus-parking in the morning so I can pick it up from there after the bus ride home.
    I've looked up receipt from ds's mattress so we can figure out what amount we will be giving him if he wants a new bed.
    Dishes are done, found some wide elastic and some velcro for a cw, she has games she wants to make for Christmas games.
    Tomorrow I'm having lunch with ex-lady-boss, been a very, very long time, should be fun.

  16. MrsSoup

    MrsSoup Well-Known Member


    DS has new goals from the nutritionist and he lost 3 pounds since we were there last in October. He's at work and DH and Eli are at Scouts. DD and I ran to the PX to look for bells. They didn't have any but DD found a bell bracelet sitting somewhere so I bought that and will just take it apart. It was inexpensive and saved me a trip to Walmart.

    DH got the lights finished out front so they are finally on. One of my trees isn't working though so I unplugged the other one, a bulb must be out. We had lunch at a NY style pizza place right outside of post, it was pretty good. I'm watching Elf until Survivor comes on.

    Katrina- Hope you got to feeling better.
    Debbie- I forgot about that. haha
    Diedra- The jewelry class sounds fun!
    Lucie- Enjoy your lunch tomorrow!
  17. sweetpumkinpye

    sweetpumkinpye Well-Known Member

    Good afternoon.
    It has turned quite hot here. Not enough to have the air on but will see.
    Got back form the mall. It was the longest we have ever been there. I wen to get my nails done and I was telling the girl that one needed to be removed and redone as it is growing crocked. Next thing I know she is removing my other nails as she misunderstood. Ended up having to get a whole new set done. That took just on 2 hours!!! Still had to do some banking, do a return at Target, look for lights and wreaths and do the groceries. We left the mall at 2.30.

    Taco for dinner tonight and an early night I think.
  18. sweetpumkinpye

    sweetpumkinpye Well-Known Member

    Jess, well done to DS on the weight, that is a good effort.
    I am feeling better thank you, just hot now.

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