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    Going back over this today....
    I see I still have some work to do, especially in the area of taking care of myself and making changes I need to make. I've had a lot of pain in the last 6 months or so from my arthritis. I'm resisting taking medication for it, and I probably shouldn't do that. I've noticed that when I hurt, it keeps me from getting up and being mobile and doing the things that need to be done. I've tried two prescription strength medicines with negative effects from both.

    I really wanted that year off to completely purge my house before I took another job, but as the first bullet says, I have to have the confidence to trust God's timing in my life. Kudos here to all of you who work a full-time job and still do a fantastic job keeping your home in order. I'm going to have to learn how to do that.

    DH and I are both working together to adjust to the financial changes that retirement is bringing. We've decided to not let this new income become depended upon. We're going to put up some and use some to do work on the Crowville house or our current house. I would like to rent our current house or use it as a B and B rental, but DH isn't too keen on that idea. We'll see. We haven't gotten a real good feel of how it will affect our schedule and won't until DH goes back to work in August.

    I finished the school year!!! And I noticed when we received a flyer in the mail about back to school, it didn't create the unbearable dread that it usually unleashed in the pit of my stomach!! I'll never have to go back to that again! (hopefully, remember, God sometimes has other plans)

    I feel that I have confidence in the things I'm doing at the new job (well, I'm still learning new things, but...), and the doctor has confidence in my ability to do them, as he's bringing me in, along with others, on the plans he's developing.

    We'll see how the next six months go!
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    Jane, your teaching time included working on things at home....every teacher does. Doing only what needs to be done is often the mode we are in during the school year. Then we delude ourselves with grandiose ideas of the massive clean we will do during the summer. Summer brings, baseball games, heat, reunions weddings, etc. and by mid July we start preparing for the next school year. We started back mid August for in-service and room set up. We do not get 3 months off as many people think we do. Hang in there, Jane hopefully the new job doesn't bring homework to do and stays at the office. Spend your money as you see fit and trust God to take care of you.
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