Buying an artificial Christmas tree...advice welcome!

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Oct 22, 2007
South Bend, IN
SO - we are starting to look at replacing our tree that was lost in the first last Christmas.

Our new home is currently under construction and the main floor will have one large room for kitchen/dining/living room area.

The ceilings in this room will be very high so we are thinking of getting a much taller tree than we have ever had before.

I was wondering if anyone has feedback on better brands, stores, things to consider, etc.

I looked at Hobby Lobby last week and I did see a 12 footer that had me hearing jingle bells :) The greenery on it was the softer, rubbery kind as opposed to the stiffer, faker looking greenery. Well, it had some of that too, but mostly towards the trunk. The tips were a "nicer fake" if that makes any sense.

I also liked the fact that it goes together in 4 pieces. No inserting each individual branch.

It is prelit - which makes me nervous. What if a bulb goes out? I have a confession to make - I've NEVER changed a bulb on a light string. {oh the shame!}

Why? I'm intimidated. I'm a loser. I'm wasteful. Any and all of the above.

I just use the light strand until enough lights go out that it makes tossing it and buying another one a much simpler option.

Obviously something I need to get past. I bet there's a Youtube video on changing those little lights!!!!

ANYWAYS - Any advice you guys have on things to keep in mind when choosing a tree that is going to be with you a looooong time is concerned I would love to hear!

I must say - I am both excited and nervous to think about decorating a tree where I'll need a ladder!


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Nov 8, 2008
La La Land
in probably all pre lit trees and almost all light strands now, if one bulb goes out only that one need replacing. That is very easy to do, pop out the old one put in the new one. Usually you don't even know its out. Pre lit is so much easier to deal with. Our main tree is assembled branch by branch and then I have to light it. I like it when it's done but it's a big Ol Pain!

The softer branches are nice b/c on said tree above my hands are all scratched up as well. Make sure there is space for your ornaments to hang.

And you are not a loser :) something always intimidates us


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Oct 13, 2007
We finally bought a pre-lit tree a few years ago and i'll never go back. So much easier and faster to set up. Like Shannon said, when one bulb goes out you just pop it out and put a new one in. It's very easy and quick.


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Oct 2, 2009
north adams ma.
As I have pre-lit myself their so easy connect the pieces easily then plug in if one goes out the rest stay lit so easy and no mess as they do look like a real tree,qvc has some nice ones the one has three lights to them so you can have them al on or you pick either just white,multi,blue it's on a remote very nice.


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Oct 12, 2007
Ontario, Canada
:) your lightbulb confession makes me smile!

No advice on a tree ~ sorry, we do have a prelit tree, it has worked well (Canadian Tire end of season sale several years ago).

Have fun finding your new tree!:tree2:


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Oct 19, 2011
We just bought a $100 un-lit Christmas tree last night from Home Depot. It's a slimmer tree, 7.5ft tall. We're replacing our older hand-me-down from DH's parents - it's losing its needles :) When we move out of this apartment in another year or two, this new tree will become our entryway tree, and we'll buy a more expensive, fuller tree for the living/family room.


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Oct 13, 2007
I bought an unlit slim tree last year from WalMart for our study. I love it! I put all my ornaments from our MHH ornament swaps (which I didn't do this year) :( on it. I have considered buying two more this year for the DDs' bedrooms.