Casting a Remake of It’s a Wonderful Life

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Jeff Westover

MHH Maintenance Dept.
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Sep 7, 2009
Cache Valley, Utah
Back in 2013 Hollywood announced a sequel to It’s a Wonderful Life. Thankfully the project never happened and hopefully it never will. It’s a Wonderful Life is a classic American film that is best honored by leaving it completely alone. In 1977 the film was remade as a made-for-TV movie. It was horrible. But you’ll have to recall that in 1977 It’s a Wonderful Life was not the Christmas classic it is today, even though it was 30-years old by that point. The strange path that It’s a Wonderful Life took to nearly untouchable status as THE film of Christmas came about because of television in the 1970s. It was played over and over right around the time the made-for-TVRead more