December Magical Moment #15 Kitchen Corner

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MHH Admin
Oct 9, 2007
Missouri, USA
December Magical Moment #15: Kitchen Corner

The kitchen is the hub of much activity during the holiday season, well really, throughout the whole year. Our friend, Cathymac has written about having a prop closet full of decorating items and supplies for entertaining. I have what I call my "entertainment center". It is basically the same concept: an area, closet, cabinet, or drawer set aside to house those party items that are always needed but sometimes "missing" when entertaining. I actually have a couple spaces. One is used primarily for storage of supplies and the other is a revolving area that changes as party needs change. For example: while I was preparing for the Winter Wonderland Brunch I used it to tuck away the snowflake candles, ice crystals, napkins, etc. After the brunch those items go back into storage and items for our Country Christmas party now occupy that space. Things to include in your center are napkins, candles, plasticware, paper plates, centerpieces, serving dishes, tableclothes etc. If you are interested in more ideas check out the prop closet thread by Cathy.

Do you have an entertaining center? What items do you think are good to have on hand?