December Magical Moment #23 Ready or Not

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Oct 9, 2007
Missouri, USA
December Magical Moment #23 Ready or Not

Christmas is about to dawn bright and early on the 25th whether you are ready or not. I'm about as ready as I will be. I'm reminding myself that the PERFECT Christmas isn't gonna happen at our house....or anywhere else for that matter. So the stockings are hung by the chimney with care, the gifts are all wrapped (almost) and tomorrow I will be relaxing and maybe baking a couple more batches of cookies! It feels good. The house is clean (not spotless), the menus are planned and the gifts are ready (well maybe a bit more wrapping). Writing this I am reminded that it is my demeanor, my outlook, and my joy that will guide the family.

So my personal Countdown is almost over....I'm planning to relax and enjoy Chrismtas Eve, hosting my annual Christmas Eve Dinner and ending with a midnight service at church. Then a joyous Christmas morning with family opening gifts and enjoying breakfast together followed by a trip to enjoy dinner with hubby's family and a few more gifts there too!!

Ready or Not.....Christmas is Coming!!!


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Oct 13, 2007
In front of my computer
I'm just about ready. I think all the gifts are wrapped. I need to make one last look at my gift boxes where I store everything, just in-case I left something.

I pick up the prime rib tomorrow morning, it has to be cooked by 4 pm. The menu is small so I don't have much to get ready. Potatoes will go in while the prime rib bakes. Onions and mushrooms can be cooked today and tossed in a crock-pot to warm. Beets just need to be heated.

We did finish off one batch of cookies so if I feel like it I'll bake other batch tonight. All the candy and cookies are on their plates, wrapped up tight and in the garage to stay cool.

We open gifts and have our dinner on Christmas Eve so Christmas day will be leftovers (can't wait) and watching TV. I'm already thinking about next Christmas.

I just read the news about the winter storm we are having. Didn't know it was so bad, life here is use to blowing snow and icy. The snow plows are out, I see cars driving to Wal-Mart (slowly) and I would dress warm if going out. Glad we don't have much snow on the ground, the wind is hard enough for blizzard conditions. I love a white Christmas. With this sites help and planning I have no real reason to go out at this late a date.

Wishing all of you a very Merry Christmas!

Holiday Joy

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Nov 4, 2007
I'm having to constantly revamp what makes my 'perfect Christmas'. Growing up with two brothers and two sisters, all very close in age, there was always a level of strife in our house! Nothing huge, just the every day friction and rub between siblings, and parents who ran their own business and were overworked and underpaid. Though I remember that there was sibling rivalry in the background and my parents were stressed trying to provide, what I REALLY remember about Christmases then is the fun, the excitement, the sweet secrets and the kitchen being 'cookie baking central'. My Christmases weren't ruined by not getting all the gifts from my lists, the gravy being a little too salty, or the house not decorated like a magazine spread. Likewise, my children may bicker, my kitchen not be spotless, and undoubtedly my children will not get the latest 'it' gifts, but hopefully they'll remember love, excitement, anticipation, family times.
I need to remember that my Christmas is perfect when the family is together. In a handfull of years, my oldest may be off to college or even (*shudder*) married, and splitting holiday time between two families. But for now, they are home, safe, under my wings.