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Jan 3, 2008
Round 2: 8:30 pm WRAP UP

Well…. it was very, very good! I enjoyed this gathering AS MUCH -- as if I had been "just a guest" and not the hostess.

First: It is REALLY fun to see what other people bring to eat!!!!! One person brought GREAT STUFF: a tub of pate (yum) with small crackers; a beautiful cheese -decorated for St Patrick's Day - with Shamrocks; and I forget what the third thing was. Another person brought a plate of shrimp (I'm allergic - so I stayed away - but people loved it)! One person brought a plate of crackers (good ones) and some "green stuff" to spread on them. For some reason "the green stuff" frightened me -- and apparently - it frightened others too -- because people ate the crackers and didn't touch "the green stuff".

Twenty people RSVP's that they were coming --- TEN people showed up. (RSVP's do not seem to really work, anymore). I was very happy with "10 people". Really -- the invitation is to LOTS of people (in the group) -- whoever can come -- does come. By the time the party happens -- I no longer care how many "show up". It is what it is!!!!

It just so happens --- that the 10 people brought WONDERFUL books to pass around and talk about. It was very comfortable, fun, low key -- just very cool. I did not think it would be interesting to hear people talk about "a book that is important to them" -- but it was.

DH actually stayed for about 15 minutes. He met people, ate some food, opened bottles of wine for us -- and then -- he had enough and slipped out. It turned out that NO other men came. Dh said "When I realized that there were no other men - I left". Which was fine. I was happy that people got to see him. (He IS very cute). Then -- he went out - had dinner and went to Barnes & Noble. We, ladies, had a great time. Dh came in at about 7:15 AND people realized what time it was -- and the group broke up. Very comfortable, low-key, fun evening.

So -- tomorrow morning -- I will pick up and put stuff away. And -- there we are. The house is in very nice shape -- "giving a party" served it's many purposes -- including "forcing me to clean up the house so it is 'company ready'!"