End of June review 2022

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Apr 23, 2008
Canberra, Australia
June seemed to just fly by. Although I did not feel overly busy there was certainly enough on the to do lists. First month of Winter gone, 2 more to go.

What worked for me this month?


  • Worked on plans for Christmas and holidays for the next few months. Continued working on CIJ plans both for home and here at MHH as part of our CIJ celebrations. Luckily my posts are scheduled for the end of July so still have some time to finalise and tidy my thoughts.
  • Continued buying ingredients for baking and for meals around Christmas/Summer. Decided to take some holidays in October and will head to the farm for a week, will need to plan what to take for meals etc as there are not too many options up there.
  • The stockings seem to be doing OK, in fact I picked up a few things recently that could potentially be kept aside for stockings for next year. They were at such a good price that I could not resist.
  • In June we had a few events to celebrate. DB's birthday was June 4th and we had a lovely lunch. My dear dad's death anniversary is June 7th and although it was a freezing day we visited at the grave site. Mum and Dad's 60th wedding anniversary was June 30th. Gave Mum a card and flowers to commemorate the occasion.

  • This year one of my goals is to stay connected to family and friends. With people being busy I have taken to writing reminders in my diary to contact people. June was a little more quiet with events. Caught up with a dear, dear friend for a coffee and a chat. We have been friends for 50 years and it is always lovely to catch up with her. It is cold and some family members have had Covid and the flu. Hoping to catch up more in July.
  • Mum and I got together every week, made some plans and had a few shopping days together.
  • DS is still busy settling in his new job, caught up with him a few times.
  • Did a semi deep clean of the main rooms of our house, kitchen, loungeroom, bathrooms and bedrooms to get them ready and cosy for the Winter months. Will just keep these tidy until I start the HGP in September.
  • Judged my first competition and State Championships for DrillDance. Enjoyed it but have quite a lot to learn. Season is now finished and if judging in the new season will go back in December.
  • Continued meal planning and my 5 chores a week. This is so beneficial to me. Keeps the house ticking over and means that nothing gets too out of hand.
  • Got 4th Covid vaccination and the Flu vaccination.
  • Did a bulk shopping trip to COSTCO. Will do another one around October to stock up for the Summer months.
  • Finances. Money was OK this month but with costs going up everywhere I worked hard to be as best as I could be when it came to money. I continued with my new shopping plan of what is left over after my main shop I can then use for a top up at another supermarket the following week. This means I can have the same amount in the budget but spread it over the whole fortnight. By doing it this way I have not had to increase my total budget at all. I did another no spend week spending only $46.00 on petrol and $7.00 for parking for work. This has really made me aware of what I have and how I spend my money.
  • Canceled our cable TV system so that will save us over $100 a month

  • What did not work for me?
Weight control/exercise/diet.
  • I put on again this month, too much snacking, eating incorrectly and lack of exercise are the reasons. Feeling a little disappointed about it all but started walking again and watching what I eat so hopefully will reverse this. My aim is to fit into the dress I wore to the kids wedding for their first anniversary. I have not put on a lot of weight but know if I do not reel it back in all will be too far gone. Got to find that "frame of mind" again.
  • Heating was out in our house for nearly the whole month. The repairman has been here more than my kids!! Hopefully there will be progress in July.
  • Procrastination Nothing changed here but I do want to get things started with selling things. I did however decide on my major project for the Winter, I will be sorting through my family history research and tidying it all up but have not started either of these yet LOL Procrastination at its finest.
  • Time/Goals now we are halfway through the year I find myself panicking a little about what I have done and still need to do. Need to revisit the goals I set myself at the beginning of the year and check that I am on track to achieve all I set out to do. I am aware of making each day the best that it can be and not wasting a minute.

Overall June was a nice month. It was cold but "We cannot appreciate the Spring without the Winter". Looking forward to all the nice things that July offers.
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