Five Weird American Christmas Traditions the World Misunderstands

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Jeff Westover

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Sep 7, 2009
Cache Valley, Utah
There is plenty to Christmas around the world that people consider weird. Krampus, for example, is strange. The popularity of Kentucky Fried Chicken in Japan on Christmas Eve is another weird one. But when it comes to Christmas no place is known for weird better than America. While Christmas wasn’t born in the United States it sure has taken it over. And that dismays much of the world that still considers Christmas a sacred and religious festival. The secular growth of Christmas in America is what lends the odd elements of it that people around the world consider so strange. Americans who read this might not think a thing of these items below. But to the world these five thingsRead more



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Oct 13, 2007
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The Irish tasting Christmas was funny but certainly not what most America's would think was Christmas staples. Maybe the Eggnog but not that brand and not with orange juice. Now Rum maybe.