GPP 2018 - Week Five (Almost Scared Week!)

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Oct 22, 2007
South Bend, IN
Week Five - Almost Scared Week! October 14 - October 20

  • Costume Prep

    • Finish trips to local Halloween stores and/or DIY prep this week!

    • As costumes arrive, are purchased or DIY is finished try them on to make sure all is well!

    • Keep track of accessory items! Put small things in a bag that can hang around the neck of the hanger(s) the costume is hung on

    • Final Check! Did you forget any final touches? Face paint? Body glitter? False eyelashes? Hair color/chalk?
  • Candy Stock-up

    • Purchase at least one bag of candy during normal grocery trips this week - HIDE!

    • Remember that if you are a Sam’s or Costco member they have BIG bags of candy at a reasonable price too!
  • Family Fun

    • Enjoy a planned activity this week!

    • Serve some silly Halloween themed food at dinner!

    • Take an evening walk (with flashlights!) or drive around to admire Jack O’Lanterns while playing kid friendly Halloween music
  • Classroom Treats (if applicable)

    • Finish purchasing and prepping
  • Treat Yourself

    • Do something for yourself! You’ve been working hard! Get a Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks or go get a pedicure! Schedule it on your calendar so it happens!

    • Read a classic horror novel! Or some short stories by Edgar Allen Poe!


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Sep 12, 2009

Ahhhhh.... It's almost here. We are ready, at least I think we are, based on today's list. We have dd's costume and the candy. Decorations got up finally last week.

We have lots of children's picture books for fall and Halloween. I think I'll read some of my favorites with some pumpkin coffee this week. I miss those days...


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