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HHP 2017 Week 15 - Final Clean

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Sep 12, 2009
It's a busy week of rehearsals and then a concert at the end of this week. After that, it's time to pick up my college student for semester break. Somehow, everything on this list will get done.

Household Checklist

  • Do a final pre-holiday whole-house clean. I'm keeping up with things but think I'll do this next week.
Holiday Prep Checklist
  • Print off detailed Christmas Eve party planning list. Done
  • Wrap gifts. Almost Done!
  • Menu plan using the pre-made meals from the freezer. 3rd of 5 concerts is tonight. Sooo glad for freezer meals this week!
  • Finalize Christmas Eve menu. Done
  • Update address book. Made two changes so far for next year.
  • Mail Christmas cards or holiday letters. Done.
  • Check cameras and camcorders Will do next week.
What are you doing this week?
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Dec 28, 2007
Québec - Canada
I cleaned out the drawers in the 2 bathrooms. Will post out a few more cards this week. DD is here for a few days so won't be doing much as all is in pretty good shape.
- Clear some space in entry closet
- Take out my timeline for the 31st and see what needs to be done there.
- 2 more small things to buy and that's it!

Have a great week!


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Feb 22, 2015
Lehigh Valley, Pa
Hello Ladies......
I am sure grateful for all of the prep work and early gift buying I did. Life has thrown me a few curve balls (doesn't it always?) and I would have been way off track if not for all of the planning ahead of time. As it is, I have a few gift cards to pick up, but at least I have the $$$ stashed in an envelope, and my DD is requesting a bomber jacket, so we will be searching for that this weekend. Other than that, all gifts are bought and wrapped. I managed to get the house decorated and it is clean, so a WIN! Here is a list of what else I have to do this week:
  • finalize times with my sister for Christmas (yes, she is still hosting, no she has nothing planned or communicated. I have no idea what time, or what I should bring)
  • finish Christmas eve/morning menu and do that grocery shopping
I have DD's softball team Christmas Party (decorate Friday night, party Saturday), Office Party (Friday), Youth Group Christmas Party (Sunday afternoon) and Christmas Caroling (Sunday evening) all on the schedule this weekend. Note to self: get better at saying no next year.

Miss JoDee

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Apr 22, 2011
Gurnee, IL
Kelly- DD31 found bomber jackets at Forever 21. They had several varieties.


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Sep 12, 2009
Keep up the good work, ladies! Things are progressing nicely here. :)