Holiday Magic Dec. 7th

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MHH Admin
Oct 9, 2007
Missouri, USA
Today I take time to be grateful....things are not completely ready yet but I am so much further ahead than last year. AND my money situation is under control...AKA....I have the money to finish up what I need to

The last couple days I have just relaxed in the evenings and spent time with DGS almost felt actually not be running around like crazy trying to figure out what to buy (now wrapping is another

I am happy that my working a little here and there on getting things organized and the master grocery list etc is paying time to really enjoy the season....

But mostly I thank God for giving me the energy, the resources and the money to make a special holiday not only for my family but a friends family in Mexico and contributing to a needy family here locally. It feels GOOD.....I must remember this feeling when the new year rolls around and I am inclined to let things go a

I hope your holiday prep is coming to an end and you are ready to savor the season