It's Great Pumpkin Day!!!

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Santa's Elves
Oct 11, 2007
Baltimore, Maryland
Wishing everyone a productive GPD. As for me I'm still working on the Halloween notebook for by DF. It's nearly finished. I know she's going to love it. Other than that I have nothing else planned for today.


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Oct 13, 2007
We'll be carving our last pumpkin tonight before the big day tomorrow, trying on costumes and such! :jack:
I'll be washing last year's costumes and making pumpkin pie...yummo!!! If I have extra time I might get a head start on making the pumpkin pancakes for tomorrow's dinner. We made them last year and the kids loved them (and I have really picky eaters). The kids have half a day at school tomorrow so it is not major to premake the pancakes so I might do some more cleaning instead.

Plus just like jackfrosty I have to buy MORE candy!!!!

Tomorrow I will set up our inflatable Winnie the Pooh bear pirate after our lawn guy is gone :huh:


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Oct 15, 2007
Well it is dh and my 15th wedding ann. so we are:
*Carving out the last pumpkins
*I'm figuring how to attach a cup to my sons head for tomorrow. He is going to be a dead baista from Starbuck's. People get mad when you mess up their coffee order. heee heee.
*making fake blood
*planning where we are going to go trick-or-treating tomorrow
*We'll most likely watch a Harry Potter movie if there is time.
* Dh and I will share a piece of leftover birthday cake and wonder why we pick Oct. 30th to get married.
Okay I know that answer, we were young and couldn't wait until June. He was home on leave from Panama for my birthday and we made up our minds that we should go ahead and get married now.

java elf

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Oct 15, 2007
I'm painting milk jugs orange for sidewalk luminaries, and also trying to figure out some antennas out of pipe cleaners and a headband for DD3's ladybug costume...

Jingle Belle

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Oct 15, 2007
Happy Anniversary patteemom, and happy GPD to everyone else!

This evening after work, I will be very busy! I have to:

Finish the scrapbook I'm making for my mom (two pages left, plus journaling on other pages)
Make 22 "candy cones" for DD's class (did DS's last night)
Make fairy wreath for DD6's costume (got all supplies yesterday)
Buy more candy
Put together goodie bags for my kids (finished getting all the little gifties yesterday)
Make sure the house looks decent because all the family will be over tomorrow evening

And finally, try to get to bed before midnight because I'm exhausted!

I won't get in a Halloween movie, but I have been listening to my new Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban cd... very "Halloweenish". After tomorrow though I'm sure I will be watching my share of Halloween movies because I'm including a new Halloween movie in each of my kids' goody bags.


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Oct 22, 2007
Chicago suburbs, Illinois
Wow, where did the time go?

I ran out today and bought more candy, got a couple gross masks on sale for some yard pazzaz, baked ghost and pumpkin cookies for the kids, still need to ice those, and I still have to attach some fabric to the back of my son's Darth Vader mask (he doesn't want his hair to show). I am so happy the forcast for tomorrow is really good. :jack: