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Apr 23, 2008
Canberra, Australia
Last week was a bust. I find it very easy to deviate off my routine and it takes a little while for me to get back on track. As long a s the most important things are done I can cope. My five chores a week just help keep things in check. If they get done, great, if not it will be OK. Looking at the forecast it will be a rainy week so will need to keep on top of washing and groceries. Final month of Autumn, Winter is June 1st so the last push to get things organised.

Moisturise morning,
Water throughout day,
Shower/bath at night,
Brush teeth,
Lip balm,
Hand cream,
Clean kitchen and DW on before bed.
Read and sleep at reasonable time,

*make work lunches for Monday (X) Tuesday (X)
*washing (X)( )
*fold washing (X)
*vacuum floors ( )
*mop floors ( )
*clean bathrooms (X)( )
*meal plan dinners plus work lunches (X)
*clean fridge (X)
*tidy pantry (X)
*tidy freezer (X)
*tidy stockpile (X)
*shopping list (fortnightly) (X) grocery shopping (fortnightly) (X)

Fun/ Christmas prep:
*start/continue/finish one craft project ( ) Continue wedding bunting
*start/continue/finish one book ( ) Goal for the year is to read 10, I have read 10.
*update planner (X)
*tidy gift closet (X)
*continue looking for stocking fillers and gifts (X)

*Movie with DH, DD and DFSIL Tuesday night (X)
*coffee with friend Wednesday (X)
*wrap Mother's Day gifts (X)
*Grocery shopping with Mum Thursday (X)
*Taxes with SIL Friday (X)
*Day trip to farm Saturday ( )hurt my back so staying home.

5 small chores:
1)Sort family history ( )
2)Cull paperwork in dresser ( )
3)Tidy craftroom drawers (X)
4)Check greeting cards for upcoming events (X)
5) Check cleaning supplies ( )

Word of the Year:
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Sep 12, 2009
With the vaccines being made to everyone 16 and older now, our little corner of the world is changing from slow and peaceful to a bit more hectic and "normal." I'm trying to find the balance because I really did enjoy the slowing down of life and being present the moment we were in. The school year is coming to a close for my college students. Two of my children are graduating soon. I have a lot of appointments and meetings for 8th grade graduation and for the new high school. Mother's Day is around the corner so those things will keep me busy this week.

  • Weed Gardens
  • Clean Bathrooms.
  • Pay bills - Pest control; Internet;
  • Correspondence: Note to teacher; Family History group; Thank you note
  • Appts: Tuesday - Medical 2 pm; Wednesday - video call - 7 pm; Thursday - Medical 10 am
  • Menu Planning
    • Check that ingredients for planned meals are in the house.
    • Make a grocery list.
    • Buy groceries.
    • Food Prep: Cut up onions, peppers and carrots for upcoming meals.
  • FlyLady: Kitchen
    • Dust top of fan.
    • Clean oven.
    • Clean microwave.
    • Clean out the refrigerator.
    • Wipe down cabinets and appliances.
    • Wash floor.
    • Clean Windows.
    • Wipe down the trash can.
    • Wipe down wall and door jambs.
  • Do weekly reflection.
  • Staple reflection papers to the planner pages.
  • Update journal.
  • Graduation Plans: Think about outfit (shoes dress, stockings, makeup, lipstick), card, gift, menu, cake, decorations
  • Make list of Annual medical appointments. Note when to call (3 months or 6 months ahead) for next appointment. Add list of phone numbers for the medical offices. Add to planner.
  • Look into planner options for June: monthly calendar pages
  • Buy Mother’s Day cards and gift
  • Make menu for Friday’s lunch
  • Do Bible study questions.
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Oct 24, 2007
I have been using this idea for organizing my month, weeks, and days. It worked for April so I am continuing for May.


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Apr 23, 2008
Canberra, Australia
Mary, I agree. There was something quite nice about the calmness and quiet of Covid. Certainly a silver lining.


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Apr 23, 2008
Canberra, Australia
jampss, interesting. I will come back and look at that. Always interested in new ways of being organised.