It's Turkey Day Friends

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Aug 31, 2010
SW Louisiana
In honor of Turkey Day I visited Organized Home to hopefully find a new idea for celebrating Thanksgiving with my family. I found a recipe for a treat called "Thanksgiving Blessing Mix". This is a perfect treat for adults and children alike. I will place one in the center of each table setting.

I bought most of the ingredients. The candy corn was not available yet and I couldn't find any mini pretzels that didn't expire before Thanksgiving. I also purchased the cellophane treat bags and printed out the labels. Hopefully next month when Turkey Day rolls around (June 23) I will be able to obtain the candy corn & pretzels to complete the mix and assemble the bags.

What have you done to prepare for your 2016 Thanksgiving celebration? Only 6 months to get everything ready. I don't know about your house but this is a time when I'm entertaining just as many people as Christmas so it requires just as much preparation.
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Oct 13, 2007
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Thanks Ellen for reminding us about Turkey Day. I need to get back into doing some planning now that DD is in a group home.

My problem now is not knowing what is going to happen by Thanksgiving. DS/DIL are not ones who make plans ahead of time and I hate last minute planning. lol

Maybe I'll just have Thanksgiving here and they can attend or not.