Last week of February 2024

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Apr 23, 2008
Canberra, Australia
This week sees us saying goodbye to February and for us in the Southern Hemisphere we also say goodbye to Summer :(
It has been a mild Summer, what does that mean for the upcoming Winter, warmer or colder?

*washing /fold washing(X)(X)
*vacuum floors (X)
*clean bathrooms (X)(X)
*general tidy up/household maintenance ( )
*clean fridge/freezers ( )( )
*tidy pantry/stockpile (X)(X)
*meal planning ( )
*shopping list (fortnightly) ( ) grocery shopping (fortnightly) ( )...remember to take water ( )

February goals:
*Keep saving towards car insurance and balance of cruise (X)Rebuild the savings account ( ) started
*Increase Christmas club amount (X)
*Judges workshop, Melbourne February 2nd-4th. (X)
*3 DrillDance competitions (X)(X) Did not attend one, had a home day
*Finish at least 1 craft (X) finished quilt top
*Lunch with friends February 16th (X)
*DH and my wedding anniversary 22nd February, celebrate (X)
*Daytrip to Mittagong 29th February (X)
*Prepare for modified HGP/Autumn (X)

Fun/Christmas prep:

*tidy/rearrange gift closet (X)
*update planner (X)
*do something that is just for me ( )
*read. The goal this year is 10 books ( ) Have read 3
*start/continue/finish one craft project (X)Work on baby cardigan,( )
*continue looking for stocking fillers, gifts and supplies ( )

This week:
*Connect with family via phone, email or text (X)
*Work Monday and Tuesday (X)
*Day trip to Mittagong Wednesday (X)
*Dog groomer Friday (X)
*Think about and post goals for March ( )
*Daytrip to farm Saturday (X)

5 small chores:
*Clean toaster and kettle (X)
*Clean oven and rangehood (X)
*Make pineapple slice (X)
*Easter decor out ( )
*Pay car insurance (X) just over $800 for the year!
*Look for items for next church fete ( )
*Work on DS's memory book ( ) need to set a finish date for this.

Word of the Year 2024: Value
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