Number Four: The Magic of Nature

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MHH Admin
Oct 9, 2007
Missouri, USA
This "magic" focuses on the wonderful winter outdoors. Those that live in colder climates may dread the brisk outdoors in the winter but there is a special beauty in the winter that isn't present at any other time. Ice covered trees, snow covering brown leaves, and bare tree branches against a gray sky highlights the beauty of nature in its "off" months. If you live where there's snow...its time to get outside and PLAY! A walk on a brisk winter day and hot chocolate when you return home. Wherever you live and whatever the's time to explore the Magic of Nature.

Elf Sled: Find a small sled for your elves...they look really cute perched on the sled indoors or bring it outside so your eleves can enjoy a romp in the snow. Snap some pictures for your Elf Journal and help them make an elf sized snowman.

Elfish Hike: Have the elves leave a note suggesting a winter scavenger hunt. They should list things to find in "nature" and then as a family..head into the winter woods or a nearby park to begin your search. Along the way collect twigs, acorns, sweetgum balls, seed pods, and other items to spray paint and use as holiday decorations. Placed in a wooden bowl with a bit of evergreen...they bring the beauty of winter inside for the holiday season.

Elf Snow Celebration: Prepare some elf snowman kits so you will be ready for any snowfall. Collect small stocking caps in bright colors or Santa hats, colorful scraves, and other snowman building supplies. Be ready for a spur of the moment romp in the snow and afterwards gather back inside for "Elf Cider"...(hot chocolate or Wassail).

Elf Snowflakes: One night when everyone is your elves make and hang snowflakes by fishing line from the ceiling. When the kids wake up have the kitchen or family room or whatever room you use full of dangling snowflakes!! Afterall they miss the North Pole and need a bit of the white stuff to feel really at home!

Elf Bird Treats: Have the elves leave directions for a "feed the birds" project. Perhaps you can string popcorn or make peanut butter and birdseed pinecones to hang in the trees around your house. Our fine feathered friends will love a holiday treat!!

The Lost Elf: Hide one of your elves in a safe place outside and leave some footprints leading out the door. Suggest to the kids that the elf has wandered off and is lost outside. Time for a search and rescue team to head outside for a bit and look for him. The search in the wonderful winter air will refresh everyone.

Elves Rock Picture Frame: Collect some nice smallish sized rocks (but not too small) on one of your walks. Use a plain wooden picture can buy one at Michaels. Use hot glue and glue the rocks around the sides and bottom of the frame. Add small wiggy eyes to the rocks as well as tiny elf hats cut out of felt. Use letter stickers or print something on the computer that spells out ELVES ROCK and put it across the top of the frame. You may need to modge podge over the letters. Inside place a picture of the elves and put it somewhere in the house for the kids to find!!! A variation would be for the elves to leave the directions for the frame and have the kids make it as a craft but use Grandpa Rocks or Dad Rocks or whom ever you want.


Santa's Elves
Oct 9, 2007
Winter Wonderland
If you live in a place with snow, perhaps you could 'make' elf tracks in the snow.

The elves can come to your house for any number of things - but wouldn't the kids giggle with glee if they thought the elves paid them a special visit! :lol:

Maybe you can leave a plate of goodies to lure the elves to your house.
Of course they will have to hide, they don't want to be found immediately. They enjoy their little midnight snack.
But at some point let the kids find them (maybe with crumbs on their clothes!)

There are a lot of possiblities.