Plans for 2023

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Apr 23, 2008
Canberra, Australia
I did not do a lot of crafting in 2022. A couple of reasons for this.
Time was not my friend, I don't allow myself time to just sit and do what I like.
There are not too many people in my circle who I feel will appreciate handmade items.

I will attempt several things this year though because I want to try a few things.

*Felt corner book marks ( )
*Cross stitch book mark ( )
*Hand made gift tags ( )
*Make up remover scrubbies for DD ( )
*Lip scrub for DD ( )
*Sugar wax for DD ( )
*items for the market days at the local church ( )
*knitting projects to use up scrap wool ( )
*rag rug ( )

Hopefully I can tick these few things off my list.
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Sep 12, 2009
I have craft items I still am trying to use that I bought in 2020. :rolleyes: Then I went out in September and bought more and never had the time to do the crafts. :( I'm such a dreamer. The reality is finding the time to actually follow through is more difficult that I think.

My goals:
  1. I would like to use the ribbon and material that I have to decorate all of the brown handled Kraft paper bags I have.
  2. I would like to use the craft items I currently have to finish the projects I thought I'd do these last 3 years or so.
  3. This is something I keep saying each year but I'm going to say it again and hope it happens - I'd like to put together a mini bio of some of the people I've researched.
  4. Repair/repaint non-sentimental ornaments to give a new life. (I found a bag of glitter ornaments but the glitter is missing in chunks. May just spray paint them.)
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Jul 1, 2018
Ontario Canadaa
At this time the only Christmas crafting I have planned is a knitted scarf/hat set and a nightgown for DGD.
I also have a yarn kit for a hat/fingerless mitts along with a purchased wide scarf that would go with the kit. Just not sure if I will give it away as a gift or keep for myself.

For Easter I need to either make a dress or top for DGD and a match one for her doll.

Other crafting plans for this year is a little knitting, sewing, cross stitching and quilt making—me projeats.

Myron's Mom

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Jul 1, 2018
I feel 2022 was so unorganized and unproductive for me. I did get some things done but I was always feeling rushed.

This year my plan:
is to finish the quilt I am still working on first, so it’s out of the way first thing.
Make the photo ornaments (4) for gifts and CIJ ornaments
Make all my holiday cards
Massive clean and purge of my sewing room.
Once that’s done:
Work on the craft travel bag for my cousin. It’s a new pattern for me that I saw made up in a quilt shop. Bonus: I have everything here to make it!
Finish the wallets I have cutout
Make the Santa train quilt (fabrics have been pulled for this for 3 or 4 years)
Finish the paper piecing cat quilt.

I want to take some sewing classes this year. I miss getting out and learning new things.

My # 1 goal this year:
I say this every year: I am not buying any more fabric or craft supplies!!!! I have more than enough here!!!!! I need to work more efficiently from my stash. Beyond the things I want to make or finish I absolutely need to stick to this goal.
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