Post 2019 Put Away Efforts...

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Oct 15, 2007
I've got most everything put away except what I intend to keep out a little longer, snowmen and snowflakes and my gnome.

The biggest help to me décor-wise is to have all my Christmas boxes numbered and labeled with a computer document duplicate. When I put things away, I know which box each item goes into. When I want to get them back out again, I just tell DH what box(es) I want him to bring in. Also, we moved our storage boxes from a loft (hard to access location) to shelving in a new storage shed. It makes storing and retrieving them a breeze!

One glitch in the inventory process seemed to be that the boxes were mis-numbered. I pondered how that could have happened until it dawned on me that we had a computer crash, and the backed up document I was using this Christmas was probably an old backup and I had renumbered the boxes in the meantime. All fixed now!