Taffy goes off to the Hospital tonight!!!!!

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This Morning we found our elves hanging on the refrigerator, the cabinet, and the stove!!! Unfortunately Taffy hurt his leg while hanging on the stove (my son didn't unwrap his legs before lifting him off and yanked out a leg :frown: ) so Santa will be picking him up tonight to take him to the elf hospital-I have an EXTRA elf that I bought for when my nephew gets older so now I will have to search for a new elf for nephew next year!!!

I think Taffy will be in the hospital for a few days to teach DS a lesson about being easier on the elf. We will set Taffy up in his sleeping bag and in the sled for Santa to pick him up.

For these few days (while Taffy is away) I am going to have to alter my original plans. Tonight they were supposed to leave a new movie "The Happy Elf"(found it at Target) for them to all watch afterschool. Should I still do that and then when Taffy arrives back home set up the movie again??? I also have things set up in 3's like Gingerbread Cookies in a tin (Target also), different holiday sprinkles for ice cream, etc... S I guess from now til Monday I will have to set up "group" presents/activities until Taffy's return. Tandy and Rishi will definitely miss Taffy while he is away!!!


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Oct 25, 2007
Could be a way to fit in volunteering- make Taffy a Get Well Card along with a letter/gift or make decorations for someone in hospital or nursing home.

Could still use the movie with a note that this is Taffy's favorite movie and he wanted you to see it and think of him.


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Oct 13, 2007
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One side to think about is the other kids. Have they been good "elf care-givers"? They should receive something so they know they have done the right thing. If you do nothing for them, they may feel they are being punished for something they didn't do. Tandy and Rishi could leave a little treat for their care-givers saying Thank you for taking such good care of us.