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Santa's Elves
Premiere Member
Oct 10, 2007
Spartan Country-mi
:jack: I am wondering when you decorate for Thanksgiving, and how do you decorate.
I decorate the first weekend of November. I have a turkey tealight holder that I put on the dining room table. On either side of the turkey I put burnt orange colored tapers. I have pumpkin S&P shakers and Pilgrim S&P shakers that I put on either side.
I will leave the topouri (SP) tree with the pumpkins and leaf garland.
I will have a very rich colored leaf cloth tablecloth that I will put on the table. Above the table I have a shelf and I will put my small chipmunk Thanksgiving arangement.
On the coffee table in the living room, I have a pumpkin, green colored runner that I will put on the table. In the middle of the coffee table I will put a pumpkin three wick candle in an iron candleholder. On either side I will have pumpkins
On top of my microwave that is against the wall that seperates my living room and kichen, I will put a rust colored cloth placemat with a big slass pumpkin. Above the microwave, I will put a wreath.
In the kitchen I will keep my arrangement of fall flowers out. I will put my Thanksging towels out.
On the breadbox next to the stove I will put my turkey shaped S&P shakers with tray.
On the entertainment center in the living room I will put my Pilgrims, and Native Americans out. I will have a cermaic bowl of flowers that I put on one shelf. I will leave my pumpkins out and also the wagon arrangement. I will also leave my fall villages out.
I will leave my bathroom in the orange and brown color scheme.
In my bedroom I will leave my pumpkin wreath and gold leaf tree.


Retire Member
Oct 13, 2007
south Texas
Sounds beautiful!
I don't decorate too much for Thanksgiving - we go camping and so I decorate the camper...
Plus, I begin Christmas decorations at the house after Halloween - I just can't wait! :haha:

peppermint pattie

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Oct 16, 2007
I mostly just decorate for fall. That way I can leave it out Sept thru Thanksgiving. I do have a few turkey things but I haven't put them out yet. Probably will next week. We never have THanksgiving at out house. Always go to mil.


MHH Member
Oct 12, 2007
Ontario, Canada
I like to use a lot of Mums, pumpkins and scarecrows. I think it is easier for Canadians because our Thanksgiving is early October. I then just need to carve those pumpkins for Halloween. :jack:


Santa's Elves
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Oct 27, 2007
I put out some Thanksgiving decorations. I will change the rooster shakers on the dr table and replace them with the pilgrims on each side of a pitcher with sunflowers. I have some little turkeys to add to my fall decorations and will put out a cornucopia or two.

Tenderheart Collections has some cute Thanksgiving stuff this year. I am thinking about ordering a Happy Thanksgiving word sculpture.

Lisa :turkey:


Super Moderator
Oct 10, 2007
Arkansas-Go Razorbacks! Whoo Pig Sooie!
I got a carved wooden pumpkin for my birthday that I'll use this year. It's got pilgrims on it. I'm painting wooden letters that spell out "Give Thanks" and the colors are the same as the pumpkin. I am putting the letters on the mantle and I'll probably put the pumpkin there, too. :friendly:


MHH Member
Oct 26, 2007
Orange County, NY
I took down all the Halloween stuff and put up Thanksgiving stuff only in the downstairs bathroom for now. I want to paint, so I may not decorate the rest of the house for Thanksgiving this year. Besides we are going up to the Inlaws anyway. Although the kids have been asking aobut it for the last day or two and my response about painting isnt really enough for them! :friendly:


Retire Member
Oct 14, 2007
Fallsington, Pa
I spent most of yesterday taking down Halloween decorations and
putting them away in the basement-then I decorated my tree for
Thanksgiving-put my leaf shower curtain and soap dish in bathroom-and some stuff in the kitchen-looks like Thanksgiving and
with my pumpkin Yankee Candles it smells like Thanksgiving. WOMAN

:friendly: :friendly: :friendly: :friendly:

Holiday Joy

MHH Member
Nov 4, 2007
I decorate for Fall on the first day of October, usually. Sooner, if the weather turns chilly.

I put fall leaf garlands around all my cookie jars on my kitchen cupboard soffits, wrap my topiaries on either side of my entryway in fall leaf garlands and berries, change out my silk floral centerpieces on my kitchen and dining tables and put sunflowers and cattails in my silk arrangment on my fire place. My blackbird pie birds come out on my kitchen counter along with more silk flowers. Pumpkins galore on the front steps and little scarecrows in my front planters.
I don't decorate for Halloween specifically, so after Halloween I just put out my carved pilgrims, a cornocopia and a couple of other Thanksgiving specific decorations and I'm set until I can't stand it any longer and just HAVE to decorate for Christmas!! It thrills me when visitors remark on my pretty seasonal decor, but I do it because it just plain makes me happy. :pink:


Santa's Elves
Oct 11, 2007
Baltimore, Maryland
I mainly have Fall decorations up. I do however put out a few Thanksgiving things like little turkeys and baskets of veggies and fruit that I bought from Dollar Tree a few years ago. I also have a turkey spoon rest on the kitchen stove. I just pulled that out Sunday while looking for my leaf and acorn cookie cutters. Forgot I had it. Maybe I'll hang something on the front door. I'll look in Dollar Tree this evening.


MHH Member
Nov 3, 2007
Southwest Ohio
I decorate by season and change/add a few things for specific holidays. For fall this year, I have a basket of silk fall leaves and gourds on the dining room table. The front porch has scarecrows, mums, and pumpkins. The fireplace mantle has silk fall branches and a couple really cool ceramic pumpkins. The rest of the house has a smattering of fall garlands, pumpkins, and gourds. Wow, I just realized I don't really have anything specifc to Thanksgiving :slap: ...I'm going to need to change that!


Retire Member
Oct 14, 2007
Almost at the end of my rope
I described my fall and Thanksgiving tables somewhere else on this site (not sure where!), so I'll tell you what else I do. I put a grapevine wreath on the front door, and a wicker cornucopia with leaves and berries on a chest in the front hall. On my dining room buffet, I have a butter-colored linen runner and two hurricanes with big white candles and faux acorns (Pottery Barn) inside. On my living room mantel, I keep a collection of blue and white porcelain. In the fall, I put wheat in a cachepot, and stick a few grapevine balls around. On the coffee table, I have a big blue and white bowl containing grapevine balls and blue-and-white balls. I hang a basket of preserved fall leaves on the wall on the sun porch, and take up the spring and summer floral hooked rug, and put down one with birds and leaves for fall and winter. That's about it.

java elf

Retire Member
Oct 15, 2007
I decorate for fall during the middle of September cuz I just can't wait anymore, and by the time mid-November comes around, I can't wait for the Christmas stuff. My DH says he can't enjoy the christmas decorations before Thanksgiving because he feels like we're skipping the holiday, even though I truly do love it. So I try to hold off until after. But things start creeping in slowly. And by a week before Thanksgiving, I have all my shelves and surfaces cleared and dusted and ready to go the minute we get back from our Thanksgiving trip.