This year colors

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Apr 10, 2008
AuntJamelle, I like the natural look you are going for. I like having the homemade, put together stuff, rather then all the store bought stuff.

Colleen in PA

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Aug 20, 2008
My living room tree is a collection of ornaments - not really color coordinated, but the rest of the decorations in the room (stockings, tree skirt, throw pillows, candles etc.) are Burgundy and the accents are gold. That's just what goes with the furniture, rug, etc.

My dining room is my favorite...the decorations are all light blue and silver. The tree has white lights and my grandmother's crystal ornaments and my snowflakes are tied on with light blue ribbons with an ice blue tree skirt. It really pops against the Navy colored walls.


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Oct 14, 2007
Southern Wisconsin
Colleen, I would imagine that blue and white, with crystal against the navy blue wall would be beautiful. I just love Christmas!

~ Farmerswife


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Aug 8, 2013
Ok, I've made my final decisions!

Kitchen will be red, white and silver. I'm using a white tree with white and red lights, Santa ornaments and a Santa hat topper,with a velour tree skirt with white trim.

Living room will be cranberry red, sage green, gold and silver, mostly in the form of mercury glass. I love that stuff. I have some faux MG trees I made last year (sprayed clear glass trees with looking glass paint then spritzed with water and white vinegar-looks like the real deal!). Our "tree skirt" will be a galvanized tub with burlap around the tree trunk. I'm sticking with the brown kraft paper along with solid red and green kraft paper, then tartan plaid ribbon and burlap ribbon.

Our bedroom will be white lights, babies breath and "champagne" colored ornaments-a mix of gold and silver superfine glittered glass balls. I have a ton of fresh babies' breath flowers drying, leftovers from the last wedding. I think I'll buy another fresh bunch when I decorate, then place little bunches next to the's pretty in my head! LOL.

Outside will also be red, green, gold and silver. Sticking with tradition this year. Very vintage/French country/farmhouse/cottage. My favorite!!