WayFair vs West Elm vs others? Anyone buy online furniture?

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Nov 4, 2007
HI all ~
Not sure where to post this but has anyone purchased online furniture? I need some smaller items like bedside tables, a printer table etc and do not have time to go track it all down. Does anyone have any experience shopping these kinds of places? I do have a friend that outfitted her place with West Elm and it looked pretty nice but I have no idea what it cost her. I did find this on Google so these are the places I'm looking at. I have only heard of Wayfair and West Elm -- not the others. Anyone? (Amazon is in the doghouse with me because of their inconsistent third party merchants that are too hit and miss).



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Oct 13, 2007
I haven't ordered any furniture from any of them. My daughter and I have ordered some things from Houzz and were satisfied with what we got.


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Sep 12, 2009
I have heard of Overstock and Joss and Main. I've only ordered books from Overstock but I haven't ordered from Joss and Main. I've purchased items from IKEA. I bought it in person but some of their items might be purchased online. Have you looked at Target? They sell online too.


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Oct 22, 2007
South Bend, IN
Good luck with your search! I haven't ordered much furniture online - other than DH's bedroom set via Amazon. Cheap stuff but we knew that going in. It serves a purpose!

Definitely make sure they list the dimensions on the items and then use a tape measure to eyeball what the size would be vs. the space.

What kind of trouble have you been having with Amazon? I order a TON from them - sometimes from 3rd party sellers but so far I've been lucky I guess. Just was thinking of shipping costs that you can get a break on with Amazon much of the time.

Lori K

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Nov 13, 2018
I've ordered a couple of small pieces online through both Amazon and Wayfair. Because of the price, I knew the quality wouldn't be what I'd see in a store. but for side tables, I got something that looks good and will last, given limited use. All 3 pieces required assembly, which wasn't too difficult. For one piece, I had to call and get replacements for a couple of missing parts (discovered half-way through the build, ugh ...).

For larger pieces, I've shopped online at the furniture stores that are in my area, narrowed my decision, went in to physically compare, and ultimately make my purchase. That also gave me time to watch for sales and for any special offers. And, I could check their sale room and use that as a bargaining chip. When I was shopping, I'd narrowed my bedroom set to one from Ashley Home Store and one from VCF -- they looked identical online. But, in-person inspection found that VCF had pressed-board drawers; Ashley was dovetailed solid wood. As it turned out, Ashley was offering 0% financing, if paid within 6 months, and when I mentioned that I was moving, they upped it to 36 months, in hopes that I would come back and add to my order (which I did, for some pieces for the family room). The free delivery and 0% financing made it cheaper than ordering online with Visa or MC interest rates -- and I was able to get the better quality at a good price, with no finance charge. I DID make sure to pay it off well before the deadline. Hope this helps!