2018 goals (resolutions)

Discussion in 'Celebrate Me' started by luludou, Jan 8, 2018.

  1. luludou

    luludou Well-Known Member

    Here are mine... I have my work cut out!

    Health (I have IBS IBD)
    • Drink more water (6 glasser per day)
    • Osteopath (4 to 5 times a year), reflexology, massotherapist (once every 5 weeks)
    • Nutritionnist? follow-up
    • Work on fodmap menus
    • Probiotics
    • self-massage
    • Learn auto-hypnosis
    • Less sugar
    • Cardio (3 X week - continue as I'm doing now)
    • Tai-chi - want to restart doing tai-chi
    • Try exercise balls
    • Yoga (3 X week - continue)
    • Do a stretching routine in the evening
    • Deep-breaths (when waking up, at night and before meals)
    • Add some musculation exercises
    • Feet exercises
    • Work on shoulders... would love to have my hands touch in the back!
    Bed-time routine
    • Earlier bed-time... try for 9:30
    • Do bedtime routine around 9:00 (wash teeth, etc....)
    • Stomach massage with castor oil, followed by a hot pad for 30 minutes 3-4 times a month.
    • Mindfulness
    • Read every week on personal developpment
    • Decluttered home = decluttered life
    • Work on Happiness notebook
    • Hygge
    Bad habits
    • No swearing
    • Less FB time
    • Less TV (more music)
    • Less negative
    Learn / creativity
    • Spanish
    • Make knit socks for gifts
    • Plan trip to Florida and summer vacations
    • Aquarelle /paint (use youtube tutorials)
    • drawing
    • crochet
    To try
    • Oil-pulling
    • Neti-pot
    • Ayurveda
    • Fodmap
    • Chinese medecine
    • Reflexology
    • Acupressure points
    • work on grammar
    • work on listening
    • Work on couple
    • RAK
    • Make time for family / friends
    :) what are your goals for 2018?
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  2. MrsSoup

    MrsSoup Well-Known Member

    I have been meaning to sit down and do this and just hadn't done it yet, so thanks for the reminder Lucie!

    Here are mine so far (may come back and add more later):

    • I really need to work on drinking more water. I don’t have a daily goal but I don’t drink hardly any water right now, so I need to improve.
    • Take up a regular exercise program. My goal is to do 80 Day Obsession by Autumn Calabrese and complete it.
    • Start eating better. I need to eat more and eat healthier foods.
    • Along with the above, cook more and cook healthier meals for my family. My kids are picky and often don’t want to eat what we will eat (and i'm a picky person). DD and Eli are less picky than DS, however they are still way pickier than they need to be. So we need to work on this as a family and find healthy options we can enjoy together at dinner time.
    • Start taking a daily vitamin.
    • See the doctor when I need to and don’t let small problems become big ones due to lack of care.
    • DH and I have become severally disconnected since we moved to Hawaii. I’m not sure what happened or when it started but we need to work on it.
    • I have zero libido (since my ovary removal this summer) and may need to schedule a doctor’s appointment to discuss this. I need to overcome my ego and take the necessary steps to figure out what’s going on with my body in order to help that part of strain that's been put on my marriage.
    • I would love to do something individually with each of the children every so often.
    • Touch base with my brother more often.
    • Send island gifts to family and friends for birthdays.
    • Send cards for birthdays and holidays. I’ve become really bad about that.
    For Me:
    • Start school for something that is going to benefit me in a career. I’m having a hard time choosing what I want to do, although I have narrowed it down to two areas and found schools that offer both.
    • Continue working on my Photography, although I realize that this is a side job and not a career.
    • Read as much as possible! I want to read more books this year than the past two years.
    • Create! I want to MAKE Christmas gifts this year for my family on the mainland. I also want to explore my creative side in any way that presents itself or feels right to me.
    • I want to Start going to the beach more by myself when the kids are in school, or on hikes or wherever on the island I haven’t been yet. I feel like I always wait for the family to go with me and I don’t want to do that anymore. I can always go back with them.
    • Create a bucket list.
    • Less electronics!
    • Get back to my interests and relearn what I’ve forgotten.
    • Be in nature more and listen.
    • Try meditation.
    • Light candles.
    • Really begin thinking about DH retiring. He's ready, although I don't know how many more years it will be before he actually starts the process. But we need to start really planning for it.
    • Work on purging unneeded or unused items from the house.
    • Work harder on finding a part-time job.
    • Get my Federal resume done!
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  3. sweetpumkinpye

    sweetpumkinpye Well-Known Member

    This is a great thread. My word for the year is Better and it really fits in with a lot of changes I need to make.

    I need to get better this year. I have had a shoulder issue for nearly 12 months so:
    Off to the Dr on Friday for a complete work up.
    • Get shoulder fixed ( /)
    • Reassess diabetes (X)
    • Look at weight loss (X)
    • Get old implant removed (X)
    • Skin assessment
    • Back to psychologist to help with depression and anxiety (was better this year)
    • Eat better, help the kids make better choices (X)
    DH and I have been married for 32 years so things sometimes slide.
    • Engage more with DH, listen when he talks and make sure he listens when I talk ( this is better)
    • Try and do more together (X)
    • Appreciate all the things he does for me, let him know that I do (X)
    • Sit and have conversations with the kids, they tend to do their own thing and we often just pass each other (X)
    • Cherish the time I have with my mum (X)
    • Be a better friend.(i tried)
    For me
    • Read at least 10 books this year (X)
    • Be better at my job, be the best I can be, it is important
    • Continue to love DrillDance (X)
    • Do at least one jigsaw puzzle
    • do at least 5 craft projects, finish those UFO's (X)
    • Lose some weight (X)
    • Be happy ( i am much happier this year)
    • Appreciate what I have, I am lucky
    • Be better at cooking, it's not something I enjoy
    • Bake more often (X )
    • Continue to declutter the house (X )
    • Continue working on the farm house (X)
    • Look at retirement, increase superannuation payments (X)
    • Try to keep to the budget
    • Continue to work towards giving the family magical Christmas's ( worked hard at this)
    • Celebrate achievements no matter how small (X)
    • Get out and do things either as a family or by myself. Time is racing by, don't miss out. (a work in progress)
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  4. missjane

    missjane Well-Known Member

    When our children were growing up and all living at home, they got to help with menu planning. Each one could pick a night and decide what we were having (with gentle guidance when needed, of course). I planned the other 4 nights, but tried to prepare things I knew they would eat. If they didn't like what we were having, I always tried to have hot dogs, corn dogs, canned pasta, canned soup, pot pies, frozen pizza, or sandwich makings (at least those foods had protein) for them to eat...something other than just Ramen noodles or mac and cheese ("go tos" for too many families when their kids won't eat, IMHO) . Sometimes, there were leftovers from the night that was "their" night and I would heat that up for them if they didn't like what we were having.
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  5. Holiday_Mom

    Holiday_Mom Well-Known Member

    Wow! There is some good stuff here. Hmmm... You got me thinking.

    My word is Rebuild so I want to set a good foundation to "rebuild" my life. I tend to set lofty goals but then don't achieve them so I'm going to start very basic and realistic.

    • Reading in bed by 10 pm 4 nights a week
    • One glass of water in the morning before drinking coffee and another glass after drinking coffee
    • Vitamins 5 days a week
    • Walk/Eliptical 5 days a week
    • Stretching 5 days a week
    • Be in the moment and not in the future.
    • Listen more.
    • Laugh more.
    • Count my blessings every day
    • Read scripture more
    • Use a timer and spend 15 minutes writing down my childhood memories 3 days a week.
    • Use a timer and spend 15 minutes writing down a story about an ancestor 2 days a week.
    Did anyone else find that typing out some of these goals was a bit scary? I have always wanted to write about life but came up with excuses not to, but now that it's out there on the board, it's no longer a thought in my head but words on the internet.
  6. Minta

    Minta Administrator Staff Member

    My Goals..
    Drink more water, eat healthier, exercise more and loose some weight but I think my biggest challenge will living in the moment. I am big for saving and planning for the unknown and the future that I miss current moments without realizing it so I am going to worry a little less on the unknown, save a little less and spend a little more on things with the family or for things to do use with the family. Be more adventurous and go with the flow. The kids are growing up way to fast that I don't want to miss any more moments with them.
  7. sweetpumkinpye

    sweetpumkinpye Well-Known Member

    Minta, I always have my head in the future worrying about this and that. Need to focus more on the "now" too.

    Mary, it is scary putting thoughts and goals onto paper because now it is there for all to see and suddenly we become accountable. I figure though that these are simply goals that we would like to achieve, the world will not stop turning if my goals to not work out, but every improvement is a plus.
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  8. DahliaDoll

    DahliaDoll Well-Known Member

    I hope you don’t mind if I butt in here, but your goals got me to thinking ...

    Katrina ~ I found that you can’t really sit down and plan conversations with the kids. You can only give them opportunities. If your crafting projects are things you can do in your lap (knitting, etc), it’s great to do it in the same room your kids are in. When they feel like talking, they will just begin. It’s much easier to listen and talk to them while working on a craft or to just put it down than if you’re sitting there reading a book or on the computer/cellphone. I found that if I would sit and knit, one of my DDs would generally start discussing something. And it would also give you an opportunity to make some headway on a craft project while you’re waiting for one of your children to open up. Another thing I did is rather than ask “How was school today.” (Fine.) I would say “Tell me something about school today.” That seemed to make them think more about what to tell me.

    Sorry, can’t help with the de-clutter issues. I haven’t got a handle on that! LOL

    Mary ~ I see you want to do some writing about childhood memories and stories about ancestors. Have you tried journal prompts? I’m sure your children and grandchildren and future generations will treasure your memories. I’ve been tempted to have DH and I do some writing from journal prompts to send to the grandchildren once a month. You’re inspiring me to make that happen.

    I should start on my own list of goals, but for now, I have company coming early tomorrow morning (DD and family), so I will be focusing on cleaning and cooking.
  9. sweetpumkinpye

    sweetpumkinpye Well-Known Member

    DJ. My when my kids were at school this is exactly what we did. We would ask what was the best thing and worst thing about your day and it would open up great conversations. I never liked that "how was your day" question because you always get a one word answer. My kids are now 25 and 30 and I know it will be difficult to tack them down for an indepth conversation but it something to work on.
  10. Holiday_Mom

    Holiday_Mom Well-Known Member

    Well, here it is nearing the half way mark of the year and I was thinking about what my goals were in January and where I am now with those goals.

    Health - Drinking water more is making a difference. Walking 5 days a week has been fairly good. I've had some off weeks but nothing that got me off course in the big picture. Stretching has been horrible. I want to add that to my daily routine in the next week or two.

    Relationship - I've been doing pretty good in that area overall.

    Spirituality - Some days I remember and some days I don't. Overall, it's not so bad. I try to listen to scripture on my morning walk when I remember and I'm not distracted from my routine.

    Personal - This gets a Big F. I did it for a few weeks in January when life was quiet but I haven't figured out when to sit down and type without interruptions/distractions. Sports are just about done here for the school year so I hope that frees up time to think, research and write.

    DJ, I do have writing prompts for writing my family history. It's just finding time to write it is difficult. I still have to determine what I must give up in order to have the time to write.

    How is everyone else doing with goals?
  11. sweetpumkinpye

    sweetpumkinpye Well-Known Member

    I just read through the goals that I set in January and I am not doing to well at all.
    I think that I have ticked 2 things of my list, am working on a few more, but overall am not doing well.
    Really need to find some momentum and get started again.
  12. luludou

    luludou Well-Known Member

    uh-oh, glad your brought this back up... lots of work to be done on this list!
  13. DahliaDoll

    DahliaDoll Well-Known Member

    Jane ~ I wouldn't have considered hot dogs or corn dogs healthier options than mac and cheese ... ?? My DGD is going to be visiting and I thought of having some pasta with cheese/Alfredo sauce available for her.
  14. sweetpumkinpye

    sweetpumkinpye Well-Known Member

    DS often does not eat what we are having for a variety of reasons. I always have tins of baked beans or tuna and he can make his own. He still tends to be a bit of a fussy eater.
  15. Minta

    Minta Administrator Staff Member

    My kids can be picky eaters too. I like to keep frozen raviolis, burgers, turkey burgers, homemade chicken patties and single size servings of lasagna in the freezer plus fixings for grill cheese sandwiches on hand.
  16. Minta

    Minta Administrator Staff Member

    So far I have been doing better with drinking more water, need to work more on the exercise part though. Savings account doesn't has a much cushion in it but we do have a nice stash of gifts tucked away for Christmas already. Have been giving the kids more freedom especially the oldest and have had a lot more kids hanging out here playing board games and just hanging out. Not sure if they like it here better or if we just have better snacks lol. Grocery budget has definitely gone up between buying more snacks and fresh produce. Family vacation booked, music lessons for DS and youth camp for ds to be booked. Behind on some of the projects I want to do around the house, couple will be tabled until next year the rest all be done over the summer.
  17. Holiday_Mom

    Holiday_Mom Well-Known Member

    Minta, I think it's great that the kids want to hang out at your house. I remember how I felt as a kid going to someone's house and feeling welcomed (and not welcomed.)
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  18. Minta

    Minta Administrator Staff Member

    We do have rules here and over the years we have banned 3 kids for one issue or another. We don't mind the kids here.. at least we know they are safe and not out getting onto trouble.. It's nice when we see these kids out in public and they acknowledge us.
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  19. sweetpumkinpye

    sweetpumkinpye Well-Known Member

    Just checked off a few more items of my list. Not doing well in many areas. Still time to reach some of these goals if I really put my mind to it.
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  20. sweetpumkinpye

    sweetpumkinpye Well-Known Member

    Just looked back at my list. Checked off a few more things. Will need to improve on some of the others and some I have half achieved.
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