Christmas Color And Decoration Schemes 2019

Discussion in 'Holiday and Seasonal Decor' started by angelpugs, Sep 23, 2019.

  1. halimer

    halimer Well-Known Member

    I mainly decorate the mantle but have a few odds and ends around the house.

    For Hanukkah I do blue and white and for Christmas add red and green. I have a small stuffed fabric tree that my mother made that we put the presents around. However I have collected so many "piggie" ornaments that I'm thinking of getting a small-ish tree to hang them on and keep it in my room.
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  2. Myron's Mom

    Myron's Mom Well-Known Member

    I’m not sure where we were talking about the ornament hangers that have the clips but hobby lobby has them now. They were 40%. They have them in silver and gold.
  3. Holiday_Mom

    Holiday_Mom Well-Known Member

    Oh, Hobby Lobby... I went in there the other day to just peruse the aisles. Christmas decor is starting to fill their aisles. :)
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  4. AuntJamelle

    AuntJamelle Well-Known Member

    And what ADORABLE Christmas decor it is!! Made me want to redo my whole house!

    The red truck theme of course! The GRINCH theme - oh my stars - LOVE IT! Such cute things, as always!

    DS was taken with the nutcracker display :)
  5. Holiday_Mom

    Holiday_Mom Well-Known Member

    I was tempted to convert our family room into a Grinch room after seeing the wall hangings. LOL!
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  6. sweetpumkinpye

    sweetpumkinpye Well-Known Member

    I picked up a lovely red bath mat last night in Target, the perfect Christmas red. I am now on the hunt for green bath towels to go in the bathroom for next year.
  7. jampss

    jampss Well-Known Member

    Our decorations are also a mix of things that are either home made by the kids when they were little or have been gifts by friends and family. Our tree has the same. Love hanging the cute kiddie things from years past as now DD is 27 and DS is 16. The lights are multi colored, red bead garland, and plastic candy canes.
  8. sweetpumkinpye

    sweetpumkinpye Well-Known Member

    We have a mix of all the decorations over the years. Warm white lights, a red bead garland and real candy canes. I love the look.
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  9. housewife2

    housewife2 Well-Known Member

  10. sweetpumkinpye

    sweetpumkinpye Well-Known Member

    DB has suggested that next year each member of the family has their own wrapping paper. Will need to think about this a bit more and see what I have here that might work. If I don't have enough will have to wait now until Christmas paper comes out again.
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