Christmas in July 2018 - Day Twenty-Two

Discussion in 'Christmas in July' started by PamelaG, Jul 22, 2018.

  1. PamelaG

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    How to display: Mason Jars. There were some suggestions in Perimeter Ideas (Day Sixteen) but I’m sure there are plenty of others in indoor decorating.
  2. Miss JoDee

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  3. Cathymac2

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    I love jars and bottles. I have already mentioned that I use them for tealight and pillar candleholders but I also use them for sprigs of holly, evergreens and even a broken poinsettia bloom. I have put bottlebrush trees in them and marched them across my mantle. I have used them as snowglobes with mini scenes in them. I have used them on my coffee/hot chocolate bar for creamers, peppermint stirrers, hot chocolate mix and other add ins. i have even served drinks in them! I love them!
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  4. Holiday_Mom

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    We have light green and light blue Mason jars that I picked up a few years ago when they were being produced for the anniversary editions. I use them for drinks. I also used them to hold utensils for our parties.

    If I run out of vases and glass bottles, then I'll use Mason jars to display the fresh greens.
  5. Andthenjust

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    I seen a picture of somebody using jars etc to display a mixture of water/floating candles/holly. Wish I could find the pic! simple yet pretty.
  6. PamelaG

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    Google Mason Jars with Floating Candles and you might be able to find the picture.
  7. Myron's Mom

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    So many ideas!! I have my grandma's. Some are the blue, some clear with either the glass tops or the zinc lids. And they are in a box in my sewing room. They would be nice even with just fairy lights tucked in them.

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